Purging your stuff

I have a lot of stuff, more importantly,  I have a ton of stuff I don’t use.

I have been reading a lot of RTW blogs and almost every single one of them mention selling your stuff before your depart.   I think this is an important step simply because when you are gone you don’t really need that stuff anyway and it is a great last minute way of boosting your $$$ for the road.

I decided that it is time to let some small stuff go, and since I do have the power of time I can sell the crap I don’t use slowly over time.   I am not going to go crazy and sell my car & couch cause obviously I need them for now, but at the same time my closet is bursting with junk that I don’t need or use, might as well sell it now & let it help boost my savings.

Do I need these damaged t-shirts?
Do I need these damaged t-shirts?

I am not leaving for some time, but that doesn’t mean I don’t have stuff sitting in my closet right now that I do not use.    Since I have  my online account for the trip, I decided whatever I make I can just transfer to that account & let it build interest.

So last night I sat down & in my room and started sorting.

First, I found about 20 damaged t-shirts.  I am not going to sell those, but I sorted them to the side and decided that I am going to make chew toys for the pups at three animal shelters.   2 t-shirts can make about 10-30 toys, so I should be able to make about 200 chew toys from these t-shirts.  So while I am not making any money off of the shirts, I am going to turn them into something great for great causes. Purging the junk should feel good too.

Second, I said every week I am going to get rid of 10 items that I don’t want or use.


These are the items I came up with, two pairs of shoes that I have not worn in over two years and they are in great condition, I found 4 shirts that no longer fit & about 15 comic books that I bought at an auction because I was going to “make something with them”.   Even if I only make 2-3 bucks an item that is a couple nights lodging in South East Asia and maybe the items will go to someone that will actually use them.   I am going to list all these items this weekend on eBay.

Third I considered what to do with my DvD collection


Man. I have over 600 dvd’s as a self proclaimed nerd, I buy movies like they are going out of style.  Lately I have been taking the digital route and even have found myself re-buying movies I own just so I own them digitally. I have started selling these slowly on eBay & to friends. I figure over time I can whittle my collection down vs trying to unload them all at once. I buy digital now anyway, so I might as well start clearing up the space. I just sold one $7.50 so some still have value. This will likely take the FULL 2 years to sell, but at least when it is time to go I am not trying to unload them at once… for mere pennies. Time allows me to get more per movie.

Fourth, I considered my unfinished craft projects.


I have many and I do many unfinished craft projects. These are two projects, I found at the bottom of my junk drawer. I decided I am going to finish this week. One is the vacation box for the cruise I took with my parents back in 2013. I have a ton of cards from birthdays and I am going to put those in a memory book, because I love keeping cards. Not only does this organize my crap, it will be a finished project & clear out the junk drawer.

So there you have it, after one night of “purging” my room I came up with this. I am going to have THAT much more space & I am even going to make a few bucks. So my advice to you is, once you decide you are going to get on the road purge your stuff slowly & automatically transfer the money made to your RTW account. If you are a hoarder like me this is an easier way to get rid of things. Based on what I read, it can be a very emotional process getting rid of everything so I figure this allows me to get rid of stuff over time vs unloading it all over the course of a few weeks.

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