Product Review: Pearlessence | Cucumber Water Face Mist – 8oz

Here is the back story as to why I purchased such an odd product.   Flash back to a month ago… I was on the Great Wall of China, huffing and puffing and realizing once again I am on ANOTHER adventure and 100% out of shape and not able to enjoy it the way a fit person could.

So I get back stateside and well I realize it is time to hit the gym and get in shape, because well HOW the hell am I ever going to be able to hike the Inca Trail in the current shape I am in.

I am currently working at a major retail chain when I came across this product and thought “hmm, a cooling spray that will allow me to spray on my face after a work out”

It was 4 bucks so I figured why not.  It is hot as hell in Texas and now that I am back to working out on a regular basis I figured it couldn’t hurt, plus it has my trusty cruelty free label (which is my one criteria when it comes to beauty products) so I figured I would try it.

So here I am telling you this product is fantastic for what I use it for.  After I work out and get in car I spray a few squirts on my face and it is instant cool down, plus my skin feels moisturized.  I love the clean crisp smell and I look forward to spraying this on my face.   I will use this during the hot summer that is fast approaching.

As far as other benefits?  I have found that my skin often feels moisturized after I use this product and any workout redness I might have quickly disappears after I use it.  That could be from my body just cooling down in general, but I figure this product doesn’t hurt that.

So the real question, would I buy this product again?  Yes.  I would.  I recommend looking at some of your discount retailers… IE, TJ Maxx, Marshall’s… etc as they might have it on hand.  Otherwise, I do feel it is worth the $20 price tag.

You can purchase the product online here


NOTE:  This product is getting harder and harder to find.   SO I will share some awesome refreshing cucumber products below!


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