Product Review Nature Love Body Polish

Ok guys if there is one product I am going to consider having a love affair with this product is it.  I found this absolutely amazing product at TJ Maxx and I have scoured the internet trying to find a link to buy more.  I am that in love.  This product makes my skin feel amazing.  AMAZING I tell you.

I have started researching activated charcoal and I am pretty sure I am a huge fan.  Did you know that you can brush your teeth with the stuff???? It is apparently the new fountain of youth.   I am pretty sure I will make sure that I always have activated charcoal in my arsenal from here on out.

This product is of course cruelty free and just absolutely amazing.   It will make you have a love affair.  It specifically says to not use more than twice a week so I am going try real hard and stick to that but believe me I can’t wait until my next shower with this scrub.  It makes my skin feel silky smooth and it makes my skin smell fresh.   So go to TJ Maxx and buy some immediately.



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