Product Review: Alba Very Emollient Shaving cream

This might be my favorite Alba product yet.    I will typically try almost every single Alba product that is for my skin type.

Confession:  I hate shaving, but I refuse to go through the pain that is waxing so I shave.  Shaving cream isn’t something I actively have sought out because I know most of the products out there test on animals.  So I will typically just use my body wash as a “cream”

Well now that my favorite cruelty free company has a shaving cream out there has created this product I will use cream.

This products is almost perfect.

Why almost?  It goes on clear, I like to see where I have shaved.

Yes my friends the only flaw with this product is that it goes on clear.

I shaved a little less than 24 hours ago and my skin still feels soft and is not flaky.   IT is truly amazing and I am debating putting it on auto order so it will be shipped to me monthly.

The product has a very tropical smell that is common with all of Alba’s product and it creates a fantastic barrier for your skin when you shave.   After you are done your legs have a silky velvety texture that is not easy to get.

Amazing product and this might be my favorite product so far this year.  BUY IT LIKE NOW!

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