Product Review Alba Hawaiian Facial Mask

If you have been around for awhile you know I love my beauty face creams and masks.  I only buy cruelty free and when I find a new product I am in love with I have to share it with you.   Well guys I have found a new product that I am absolutely 100% behind.


I love just about every product I buy from Alba.  I use their shampoo mostly because every single time I lather up I take a trip to Hawaii and my hair smells amazing.   I love Alba even more because they are cruelty free and really strive to use vegan products.    I love their company and when I find a new product of their’s I will often pick it up.

This product is an amazing facial mask, it does have some acidic enzymes that promises to deliver glowing skin.  Now I am not sure if I have glowing skin lately but I can tell you my skin does feel softer and properly exfoliated, which my best friend turned my esthetician is constantly on me about.   Trust me guys she DOES NOT play when it comes to exfoliating and she knows if you haven’t been, she is like freaking santa when it comes to skin care.

Anyway, it is a pretty potent product and I can assure you that it is not one you will use every day, or hell even every other day.  Currently I am going to use it twice a week to help maintain my fresh skin appearance.    I found this product at TJ Maxx but I can assure you that it is at most drug stores that carry all natural products.  I have seen it at Walgreens, Krogers & Wal-mart.  It is a drug store brand that will run you about 11.99 and is pretty modest when it comes to skin care.  Fantastic product that will take you to Hawaii for the five minutes and leave you with a fresh appearance.

Please note I am 34 and I do have normal skin that has some scarring from my teenage years.  The skin care products I recommend are often for my skin type, so please read product labels carefully.

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