Pike’s Peak Cog Railway

We saw the billboards for this while driving and decided that playing tourist would be worth it, because we sure as heck were not going to drive up Pike’s Peak. A train ride seemed like a much more exciting ride up the mountain especially after the whole South Mountain fiasco

So we booked the tickets, and the following day we were on the first train ride out to the peak.

pike 48

I was exhausted from being sick, already a week of travel, not packing enough warm clothing and driving, so the fact that the ride was gentle and relaxing was wonderful.

I sleepily took pictures of the views from the train, the trip lasts a little over three hours, and you spend some time at the peak (more on this later)

I sadly can’t remember a lot of what was said, (like I said I was exhausted) but I can tell you that we went through multiple terrains and  each terrains was beautiful in it’s own way.

pike 17

pike 33

pike 38

I later learned that not much grows at the peak, because it is so cold. (it was negative 10 when we were there!!! )

The trip had great views, and some fun photos ops, had I wrote this within the month of getting back I would probably have more details, but the one detail I can tell you is that it is worth the ride. If you are ever in the area I recommend you book a trip. It is a great day trip for you locals. You can find all the information about the railway here

Fair warning though, the top is horribly cold.  (AGAIN it was NEGATIVE 10 !!!) That is what I will share with you hopefully tomorrow, until then,

Here are some pics 🙂

pike 41 pike 43 pike 47 pike 1 pike 2 pike 3 pike 10 pike 11 pike 15 pike 16
pike 18 pike 21 pike 31
pike 36

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