Photos that make me smile…

When you forced to stay put you often find yourself digging through photos for memories.  Lately I have been working on my scrapbooks & finishing up projects that I never really got around to finishing up.  I have a lot of free time lately, so it has been nice to finish a few projects.

One of the projects is going through photos to decide what I want to frame, put in a scrapbook or make into something else.

A few of my photos make me smile every time I see them, so I figured I would go ahead and share with you the photos that make me smile and the story behind them


This photo is one of my favorite photos I have ever taken, I was on one volcano in San Miguel Guatemala taking a photo of another volcano. It was very peaceful and serene and I really just felt at home. It is no secret that Guatemala was a life changing event for me & whenever I see this photo I think of my time there.


This photo is by far one of my favorite photos I have ever taken. I was walking back home after strolling the streets of Antigua when I walked by this ruin and I don’t know the sun was setting at the most perfect time & I happened to snag the photos. I know professional photographers can probably find a million things wrong with it, but for me this was just a beautiful moment.



There is nothing special about the above photo, I was on a boat looking out at sea after a beautiful day in Belize.   I think this is more about what I was feeling in this moment, I was watching a sunset in total silence and it was in this moment that I knew everything was just the way it should be.


Again another photo that isn’t anything special to most people, but to me this moment is everything.   I had just experienced a devastating moment a week before this trip to Hawaii.  The person that was supposed to go with me pretty much told me he did not want me in his life any more.   The trip to Hawaii was booked and I didn’t want to go alone and my dad went with me very last minute so I wouldn’t cancel my trip.  Our first day in Hawaii we took a “movie tour” and this is one of the photos we took.  This was one of my favorite trips I took with my dad & it is a trip that we will have the rest of our lives.  I am a daddy’s girl at heart and I am so glad I got to spend a week with him in one of the most magical places I have ever been to.  This photo is so my family who in all actuality are a bunch of nerds.  Plus I am laughing in this photo & I realize looking back that once again everything is ok.


This next photo makes me laugh so hard this photo was taken about 4 days after my grandmother’s funeral.  I of course was very sad & emotional, but my two best friends took me to San Francisco and we drove these crazy hills.  It was a weekend of laughs & pretty tense moments while driving but I wouldn’t trade this trip for ANYTHING with these two.  We don’t spend as much time as I would like together, but this weekend was very healing for me and for that this photo makes me very happy.  OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Every time I see this photo I smile, and every time this makes me realize how much my soul belongs to the beach. I am always at peace near water and I know without a doubt that when I retire I want to be near a beach.


While I have 100s of photos that make me smile this is the one that makes me realize how much traveling means to me. Most of my travel has been through the US & Mexico and for the longest I didn’t need a passport to cross the border into Mexico (and it is my understanding I still don’t) but for me having my passport stamped sealed the deal for me & made me realize that being a citizen of the world is what really makes me happy & what makes me feel the most peace. If I didn’t want to appear vain I would totally put this picture in a frame because this moment was everything to me & to be honest I never in my life would have thought Honduras is where my first passport stamp would come from & for that that country holds a peace of my heart.  I took this photo after I got my second stamp in Belize & based on that smile you would have thought I won the lottery.  🙂

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