Photography Regrets

SOOOOO I have a confession, I have two countries that I have been too but do not have a SINGLE photo from my time there.

Now here is the thing I am 34 and I have come from a time where smart phones didn’t exist.  Gasp I know… shocker.   So it wasn’t like I could really just whip out my iPhone and take photos when my camera died.   I am pretty positive my camera did in fact die while I was in Grand Cayman but I am not 100% because I went to Grand Cayman a decade ago.

Truth is I am not sure why I don’t have photos of my trips to these lovely countries.  I have my suspicions and for now that is all I have but as I am sitting here thinking about it I am realizing that yep I am going to have to go back to these countries because well a girl needs her photos right?

Anyway the whole purpose of this post is to just talk about a regret I have while traveling.  Sometimes it just pays to go buy a throw away camera and get it developed so I can have my memories.

Anyway I think it is time to plan another trip to these two beautiful countries so I can get photos, meanwhile that is why the flags are the images on my “Where have I been” page.

I will try to post more stories from my time there though in the future.

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