Bucket List Accomplishment

I am really excited to cross another thing of my life list.

(Although I must admit every time I cross something off, another 5 things find themselves on my list)

Anyway, I finally made it to Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta or number 138 on my list.

After a very long day of driving, (I started driving at 8 am) we finally stopped at midnight on Friday with the plans on attending the fiesta the next morning. The hotel clerk was very nice to offer advice.

Be there at 5:30am.

I looked at my dad and said yeah right, we went to our room and went to bed.

We woke up at 6:30 am, ate breakfast, and drove about 15 minutes and saw sites like this…

We followed the traffic pattern, and got into line to get into the actual fiesta. I asked a cop where we can park, his response, I am sorry the parking lot is full, and we are not allowing any more in. It was 8am.

Maybe I should have listened to the nice hotel clerk.

So we drove around some more, and realized that people were just pulling off the side of the road and watching the balloons from their car. So we decided to do the same thing and we were still able to get some fun photos.

I would have loved to get into the actual festival and take pictures up close, but where we parked was just as great. We saw a lot of beautiful balloons, were able to get a ton of pictures and overall, it was still something I wanted to see and do.

My one piece of advice if you want to go, BE THERE AT 5:30 AM!

To see all my pictures from the fiesta visit my Facebook Page

until next time,


Disappointing Drive Through Kansas

On the way back from Missouri we drove through Kansas, having never been to Kansas I was excited to experience a new state. Being a huge Superman fan, I knew I was going to LOVE Kansas, I mean Clark Kent was raised here it has to be pretty nifty right?

Ironically this was the welcome center when you enter on the Oklahoma Border. We missed the center on the Missouri border. boo!

I was disappointed.

I was only in the state for 2 hours or so, and all I really saw were fields, fields and well more fields. I was hoping for something Oz like. Oh well, next time.

Either way, the landscape was pretty, and I know I will be back in the future, it was not so disappointing that I will not give Kansas a second chance.

Here are the few pictures I snagged.

this sign made me giggle. Cattle pens? Is that the name of a city?
Found water in Kansas!

Where should I visit in Kansas?

Mark Twain State Park

After arriving to Missouri with a bang, getting lost not once but twice and then doing everything we needed to do, it was time to enjoy Mark Twain State Park

I personally loved the park, and felt it was very easy to get in touch with nature (something I am not really to “keen” about), my only big complaint, lack of cell phone service. (Can’t help it I am attached to my cell phone).

I found the weather to be very pleasant and very cool in the evenings, I traveled to Missouri during one of the worst droughts in the Midwest in quite sometime, so I was not expecting the park to be so green, and it to be in the 50s in the evening.

Overall I found my first trip to Missouri to be very pleasant, and would love to return in the future.

Here are some of the pictures from the Park


the killer deer

clearly there were some drought issues…

Even in Missouri and want to visit the park yourself?

The park is located in Jefferson Township, Missouri…

The address I had, was NOT correct, so I will let you roll the dice and see where you end up 😉

Until Next Time,



Getting Lost in “God knows Where” Missouri

After the whole Missouri Welcome Center fiasco, I should have known that my adventures were not over in fact it really was just the beginning.

Once we got back on the freeway, we double checked what exit we were supposed to look for it was about 50 miles down the road, so we started chatting about all the mysteries of the universe for what only seemed like a few minutes, when I was asked a very dreaded question…

“Umm, what exit were we supposed to take?”

Damn. I forgot we were supposed to watch for an exit. I looked at the directions that were sitting in my lap, took a deep breath and responded.

“Umm, an exit about 20 miles behind us”

The next part of the conversation, was not very PG, so I won’t repeat it, but once we realized we completely missed the exit, it was time to either turn around & back track or find a different route.

Which is where we “might” have messed up (it really depends on which one of us you ask)

We choose to take a different path. I quickly pulled out my trusty iPhone, and had it map a different route.

The new route…

Which had us take the next exit through the back roads and would circle us around to US-54 which was where we needed to be.

And according to my “trusty” I-phone, this was quicker than backtracking.

The road to nowhere has new meaning

One thing I did not anticipate? well when you are in the hills of Missouri… you may lose service.

Which is what happened in the middle of nowhere Missouri.

We were lost. Completely hopelessly lost.

Lucky for us, we had GPS, which bailed us out of this situation. It took us to a road that was closed, and had a giant detour.

the road to nowhere

I giggled about being lost, because those of you that have been in my life for a while, know I am the queen of lost. The driver of this adventure, was not giggling, so I really had to fight the urge to giggle, even though it was hilarious hearing the rants. AND I mean RANTS.


I really believe that sometimes,getting lost can be a good thing.

I have no clue where we were, but it was beautiful. The Midwest is a photographer’s dream. If I ever become a talented photographer with a better camera, I would love to go back and get pictures of the barns, buildings, rocks… all of it.

Started the fun “barn game”… You just yell barn when you see a barn

Here are the pics I snagged while being lost. I had to do something to keep myself from laughing at the crazy pissed off Midwesterner who was ranting at the wheel. (I did not want to have that fury directed at me for laughing)

I fell instantly in love with this bridge…
view from the passenger side
more passenger side views

the useless tower when it came to service, but clearly people live around here

I learned all about Casey’s

Want to know something funny? We would get lost again that evening, but it was dark, and being lost with no cell service,a lunatic GPS, and killer deer all over the damn place, was actually taxing on the nerves, so I didn’t get pics of that “lovely” experience and I may have joined in on the rants 😉 .

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Note: This post was originally posted on my Texas Travel Girl blog, and thanks from a local named Ginny, she let me know I was in Miller County, MO! Thanks Ginny!

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