The Park I missed…

When we decided to go to Utah, there were 2 things, that topped my list, Zion National Park & Arches National Park.

So after we left the Grand Canyon and drove into Utah, I couldn’t hide my excitement, not only was I in a new state, I was going to two national parks I had read about.


Tomorrow I would get to hike to the Emerald Green Swimming pool, look at the beautiful cliffs, canyons etc.


But a few hours later, I couldn’t help but notice I felt off, I didn’t feel like me. I was cold, clammy & queasy.

Very queasy, and then I got sick really sick.

I climbed into bed, and the next morning I woke up and I couldn’t even lift my head, but we had to get on the road.

Do you know what it is like to go on a road trip when you feel sick?

Horrible absolutely horrible.

So I crawled into the back of the car and slept, I slept while my family had breakfast as the cutest little restaurant while I slept in the parking lot in the back of the car. I can only imagine what people thought that walked by.

And the worst part?

I slept through the majority of the beautiful Zion National Park.

As a result I pretty much missed all of this…


FYI Photos were taken by mother, not me as I was just trying to not get sick in the back seat of the car so therefore no cheesy photos of me in this post ūüôĀ

You can see a few of the photos at my Facebook page



My Crazy Family & The Canyon Wildlife

A while back I read a great article in Frommer’s I believe about a Park Ranger based in the Grand Canyon talk about how rationale people become well idiots when it comes to visiting the Grand Canyon.

Going on all day hikes with one bottle of water…

Staying out overnight without supplies & having to be rescued…

Stopping in the middle of the road to take a picture of a deer…

When I read that, I remember thinking… what kinda of lunatic does that???

Then I went to the Grand Canyon, and realized I am related to the lunatics, the Park Ranger was referring to (and yes I took a few pictures myself so I suppose I am a lunatic too)

Yep.  Guilty.

I am guilty of stopping in the middle of the road to take a picture of a very common animal in East Texas, one that I have seen probably 1000s of times.

Why you ask?  Because this deer was at the Grand Canyon.

Let me just say, not stopping for the deer was not an option.  I am pretty much 100% positive I heard choice words from my brother about not stopping to get a picture at one point.

Not to mention they would just walk out in front of you, like they owned the place.

Anyway, ¬†if you are ever at the Grand Canyon, expect the crazy to come out when wildlife comes out… because I guess most people have never seen a deer at the Grand Canyon. . . ¬† or a chipmunk or a bird…

You get the idea.



animal 5 animal 1 animal 2 animal 3 animal 4

Sunset at the Grand Canyon

Another picture post of the Grand Canyon,

I was fortunate enough to witness sunset at the Grand Canyon.  We were told the desert view is the best place to view the sunset, so that is where we drove to.

desert 1

sunset 16

Three words.

It was Beautiful

sunset 11

It was also very cold, I could not get warm at all, but seeing the sunset was worth freezing my tush off.


sunset 15

sunset 17sunset 19sunset 23 sunset 24 sunset 25 sunset 3 sunset 4 sunset 5 sunset 21 sunset 22

All pictures will be on my facebook page.

Grand Canyon in Pictures

The grand canyon is well…. Grand. ¬†Many people have written about the Grand Canyon, and all of it’s glory, and I really don’t know how they are able to do that, because there are no words I can write to express my admiration.

I remember the first time I saw the Canyon, and it literally took my breath away. ¬†I was 19, and the same feeling¬†occurred¬†this past trip, 11 years later…

grand 17

While this was my second visit to the beautiful park, I could go on and on about the majestic canyon, but I am choosing to make this post about the pictures not words, because simply put my words do not do the Canyon justice… I am not poetic like that ūüėČ

I took 100s of photos, you can see all of them at my facebook page



grand 7grand 1grand 2grand 3grand 4grand 5grand 6grand 15 grand 16 grand 18 grand 12



grand 14

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