Living with the Land

Sustainable living is one of the greatest challenges of mankind. Overall I think vast improvements have occured, however we still have room to improve.

It is often said that the grain produced in America can feed the world three times over, so why doesn’t it?

Well I don’t know, exactly, I have my own personal theories and I am sure there are so many factors that come into play, I don’t want to debate them here, but it is something to thinks about.

Which I often find myself doing on The Living with the Land, ride at Epcot.

Yes I know another Disney post, but you should be happy to know I only have 3-4 Disney related posts planned for the rest of the year…


One of the things I love about Disney, and believe me there are a lot of things I love about Disney. Is how unbelievably educational Epcot is, it really does make learning fun.

This is a 14 minute ride that showcases agricultural advances in the rain forest, Africa and well beyond.

Which is why I am featuring during Green Week.

According to Wikipedia and other Disney sources, there are 5 distinct areas that are:

the Tropics Greenhouse– this section features crops from tropical areas of the world.

Aquacell– this features the aquaculture also known as fish farming


Temperate Greenhouse– this section features crops from temperate climates

String Greenhouse– This greenhouse focuses on innovated techniques, which Wikipedia says and I quote “This greenhouse focuses on innovative high-density techniques, such as Nutrient film technique. It also shows off “vertical growing techniques”, in which plants are grown on specialized trellises which cause the herbaceous plants to approximate the shape and structure of trees.”

Very technical stuff which in my mind equals expensive.

Creative Greenhouse– this area shows some of the more unusual ideas about the future of agriculture.

There is also a living laboratory that includes the biotechnology lab and in the integrated pest management lab.

My mind is made up that the next time I go to Disney I will take part in the “behind the seeds” tour to get more of a back story about the ride, as I feel there is so much to learn and can still learn from this ride.

Here are some additional pictures from the ride, sorry about the quality but these were taken with my horrible camera that I no longer use 😉

the gator you see before going into the “land”

Anyway thanks for reading

until next time



The Beautiful Western Lowland Gorillas of Disney’s Pangani Forest

Earth Week Continued, today I am posting about Disney’s Pangani trail, I feel this is worth mentioning due to their conservation efforts and my absolute love for a particular animal.

These are the real reasons I want to go Democratic Republic of Congo & Cameroon. Sadly, I believe only Cameroon is safe right now, but that is for another post.

The The Western Lowland Gorilla, I want to see them in the wild before it is too late.

These animals are sadly considered critically endangered and are not showing improvement.

Anyway, moving on…

I have seen a few Lowland Gorillas in zoos so it was no surprise when I discovered that Disney’s Animal Kingdom was host to a family of western lowland gorillas. These magnificent creatures are located on the Pangani Forest Exploration Trail. If you ever find yourself at Disney’s Animal Kingdom, you must go see these beautiful animals.

I was by myself at Disney’s Animal Kingdom this day, and after visiting the characters I spoke to a cast member about what I should do, he said stop whatever you are doing and go the Pangani Trail, you will not regret it, as we just had a birth of a Lowland Gorilla. “It’s kinda a big deal, ” he told me.

Sold. I know how endangered these guys are and a birth of a lowland gorilla is a big deal.

I walked over to the Pangani Forest and started my hike.

I learned that Pangani is Swahili for “place of enchantment.” I can understand why Disney would chose this name for this trail.

You start off walking on the trail when you come up to the observation point of the Okapi, did you know this is the only living relative of the giraffe? I didn’t and I found that quite fascinating. According to the cast member these guys are very shy and it was our lucky day that the Okapi was out and about.

My next stop was the aviary where African birds where flying about. Bird aviaries always make me nervous thanks to Alfred Hitchcock’s The Birds, so I snagged a few pics and got out!

the creepy bird
the relaxing waterfall for the birds

There were also meerkats, but it was so jam-packed I didn’t even bother trying to get a picture, because well I really wanted to get to the hippos.

The hippos were swimming about and in all seriousness I tried to get at least 20 pictures, but every time my camera finally decided to take the picture the hippo was gone. Those guys are fast.

No hippos 🙁

Quick fact, did you know more people die from Hippos than other animals in Africa. Cast member told me that and to me that is just crazy, but after seeing how fast the guys can swim I don’t doubt it.

Afterwards, I saw the lowland gorillas and I quickly came up to the glass viewing deck.

And I saw him, the most beautiful baby gorilla I have ever seen.

I snapped photo after photo, and this little guy was not shy, he was playing and putting on a show. He made me happy and I think I spent 30 minutes there watching him play and be a little show off.

There were two adult gorillas too!

Afterwards I ventured over to the The Colobus Monkey section of the trail. Disney appears to be doing whatever it takes to help injured Colobus Monkeys and releasing them back in the wild. These guys are not endangered per se, but are hunted for the bush meat trade industry in Africa.

Overall, I give this trail an A plus and believe me I will go every time I got to Disney’s Animal Kingdom here on out. It is now one of my favorite things to do at this park.

For all the photos I took on the trail, CLICK HERE

Until next time.


One of the Best Interactive Lines at Disney

The Haunted Mansion is often considered a Disney Classic.

I love the ride for a multitude of reasons, I remember riding it with my parents and grandmother as a child, I like the spooky atmosphere, and now that I am an adult I enjoy it to get off my feet for 5-10 minutes.

The ride it’s self is top-notch, if you really sit back and think about the special effects, the sights, the sounds, it really is a ride that was superior before it’s time. Something I feel that only Disney can often accomplish.

I won’t get into the back story, yes there is a very intricate & detailed back story, but if you want to know CLICK HERE to become educated. It is quite cool knowing the story before you ride it.

Anyway, when you enter the line queue, you have two options, the “scenic route” and the not so scenic route. It was Leap Day, so we choose the scenic route. The very cool thing about this line is it interactive. Which in my opinion is a great way to keep occupied while waiting in line (just bring hand sanitizer 😉 ). You can play instruments, look for ghosts, shoot water out of the Captain’s Grave, Interact with the book shelf, and well so much more.

If you have kids that don’t want to ride the ride, it is def worth taking them through the line to interact, and then just escape before getting on.

Anyway, here are some of the really cool pics of the line. Enjoy!

P.S Be patient they may take a while to load

Our illegal shot before the pre-show started 🙂

The Most Terrifying Ride at Disney World

In my opinion, Dinosaur is a ride that scares the bejesus out of me. I have to give it to the Disney, they test every ounce of emotion I have on this ride.

This ride is located at Disney’s Animal Kingdom, and it is worth trying at least once.

The back story of the ride is, you are taking a trip back in time to save an Iguanodon from extinction. You are on this “unsanctioned” trip, mind you, to save this dinosaur, right before the asteroid is supposed to hit Earth. I mean what could possibly go wrong? Right….

Disney of course does an amazing job theming the line, you are walking in the queue at the Dino-Institute, looking at Dino Remains and fossils.

Then you are of shuffled into a room where there is a pre-show. This pre-show briefs you on the actual safety of the Time Rover, and the mission, should you chose to accept it.

On the ride, well you will have to experience it for yourself, because needless to say, I am ducking, diving and dodging so I can’t really tell you what happens, except that you will have a brush with death when the T-rex pops out, but the gist of it is….

You are in the dark looking for this dinosaur that by the point you find it you could care less about it because, you are in this vehicle that is jerky, taking you in all directions, stopping suddenly for man-eating dinosaurs, that stare you down, and then jerking you around some more when you can’t see where you are going then

BAM a T-rex is in your face, and what does Disney do… take a photo of this terrifying moment, for you to always have the memory.

Notice how I am the only terrified person in this rover?

I really wish I would have bought this instead of taking a photo of the screen, but eh you live you learn.

I am not sure why this ride gets to me, but it just does. Maybe it is the anticipation of knowing that we are going to barely escape the T-Rex.

I don’t have any actual photos of the actual ride, because it is hard to get good photos, and well flash photography is of course not allowed, but I have some decent line queue pics.

What is yo

Just escape the cubicle already