Succubus Revealed by Richelle Mead

sigh… Richelle Mead you have done it again. Today’s review is on


She tapped into all my emotions.  I am happy, sad, angry and giddy about the way the book ended.

I am keeping this review short, because every little thing I want to say could be a major spoiler.

And is it just me, or should Mead totally do a spin off on Carter?

I loooooooooooooovvvvvvvvvveeeeeeeeeeeee Carter, love love love him.

I was so happy to find out what his purpose was, even though I still wanted him and Georgie to get it on.

I know I am a bad girl.

and Roman… sad face… actually sad face with tears 🙁

I had a totally did not see that coming moment too.

After reading the last book I knew something odd was going on with Seth, but I didn’t realize it would be THAT.  (it is really good people, start the series like now!!!)

I give this book


Because the entire series is that good, I have loved every single book Mead has written, and the Succubus series is no different.

Have you read the series? What did you think?




food. food. and more food.

“I went on this cruise last week and the food was AMAZING.”

When you talk to some one that cruises often, they often talk about the food.  Not the BEAUTIFUL destination they went to, but the food. True Story.

As Americans, when we plan travel we often plan the food.  I know I do.  I get excited about all the food I am going to get to try.  I am finally going to branch and out and try something exotic.

Well on this trip I didn’t, but not from lack of food.

I don’t really have that type of relatinship with food.  I am in by no means a foodie, and I often joke if I could get everything I needed from an IV I would do that and not eat.

Now that being said.  I did eat on this cruise and I did eat a lot.

So if you ever go on a cruise, be prepared, very prepared to eat. 
Here are pics of some of the food I was able to try on the beautiful Carnival Magic.  Key word is SOME of the food.

The amazing Mongolian Wok, where you make your own, and an amazing cook, cooks it up for you!














Have you been on a cruise? What did you think of the food?

Succubus Shadows by Richelle Mead


The more I read this series, the more I LOVE this series.


This book was a good one; we get to see more of Georgina’s past, or at least what is implied as her past.


We get to see how the men in her life really care about her… it is yummy . . . and seriously I LOVE Roman.


After reading this book, I just really wish she would get it on with Roman.  I know everyone loves Seth, and sure Seth is great, but MAN I just want her to have one last juicy fling with Roman. Minor Spoiler Alert*** After THAT ending I don’t think we will see it***END SPOILER***


Carter. Oh Carter.  I am not sure if it is because I am a bad human or what, but  harbor a secret.  I have a little hope that Carter & Georgie will hook up.  I know Bad Jen.  I know.  I just love Carter, I mean come on how can you not love Carter? He burned up a Christmas Tree at Georgina’s House with his cig.  I just love Carter.


Jerome. We find out how much Jerome does care about Georgina, even if he is a demon he clearly cares about her, in his demonic way.


Seth. I get it, that is her main love interest, but I have always just been indifferent to Seth.  He is not a character that just screams best love interest to me.  I wish he would go away, but clearly he is not.  This does not ruin the story for me though. I mean it isn’t like Seth is some controlling A-hole,  that is wrapped up in a neat hot package.  (example Cullin, Grey… you ge my point)


All in all, I am ready to start the next book… asap.  I love this series, and while I am excited to find out what happens FINALLY in the last book, I can say without a doubt I am going to be very very sad it is over.


I give this book


FINALLY, my passport is stamped!

Let me repeat, FINALLY, my passport is stamped!

After many years of going to and from Mexico, my passport is stamped. I have been to Mexico countless times, but never have I stamped my passport.

I just got home from Belize, Honduras & Mexico and my passport still does not have a Mexican stamp… but it has a Belize & Honduras stamp 🙂

Finally something that has been on my bucket list for years and years… is accomplished 🙂

My mom had my passport stamped in Honduras without me around, and I was so upset.  I was all distraught at first then I opened it up and saw the stamp.  I felt like a kid on Christmas.


In Belize, I was determined to get the stamped myself the first time, so I walked all over looking for immigration… finally I found it…


Yep that teeny tiny building was customs, and it made me smile

I walk in and strike up a conversation with the lovely lady that stamped my passport, I asked if I could take a picture and explained this is monumental for me, she obliged.

The end result? I am all official now, I am officially stamped 🙂

I don't think she understood how excited I was about this stamp!
I don’t think she understood how excited I was about this stamp!


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