No Name, Colorado

No Name Colorado

When I saw this sign I laughed. What person was lazy enough to not even come up with an original name for an area, then it dawned on me. No Name is kinda original.  I think who ever “discovered” this place, realized that it has a very unique beauty that is hard to name… at least that is what I told myself. 🙂

obviously I am taking pictures...
obviously I am taking pictures…

We had to pull over for a quick rest, and I was able to snag a few pictures of the area. There really is not much to say about this place except that it was very pretty, and I later learned you can see the sign I saw in the movie Vanishing Point.

Which reminds me I need to rent that…

Anyway, here are the pics

no name 11 no name 12 no name 16 no name no name 2 no name 4 no name 5 no name 6

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My Obsession with Welcome Centers

While driving to work this morning I was thinking about my next post and I realized it would be another Welcome Center Post, and then the thought occurred to me that I might have a problem.

My name is Jennifer and I have an addiction to Welcome Centers.

Seriously, every time I road trip I get excited about a new welcome center, just last week I stopped at the Mississippi Welcome Center (more on that in the future) and determined it to be probably the most photogenic welcome centers I have ever been too.

I think it is because every state has their own character and charm, and the welcome center rest stops are always a way to see that.

I have posted about other state’s welcome centers in the past and today it is time to add another to the list. 

memorial 23

I loved Colorado’s Welcome Center,  it was the typical Welcome to “Our State” sort of situation, but what made this center unique is it had a memorial dedicated to those veterans from Colorado who lost their life in Vietnam, and as I have major respect for anyone in the military and what they sacrifice, it made me smile, as I feel we can’t honor our military enough.

memorial 3

So today my friends I give you the Colorado Welcome Center, I also should mention this is also on Roadside America, so you know it has to be pretty awesome.  (I do want to note that I am  not 100% if this memorial is associated with the center or not, but it is right next door to the building so I am under the assumption it is)

Here are a few of the pics from the visit:

memorial 7 memorial 8 memorial 9 memorial 18 memorial 19 memorial 20 memorial 21 memorial 22 memorial 5 memorial 6

If you want to see if for yourself it is located at

340 Highway 340
Fruita CO

The Delicate Arch

I really wanted to hike to the Delicate Arch, and get some funny shots underneath it, but thanks to getting sick I was unable to hike (it is considered a true hike, not a stroll) the 3-ish hours it would have taken to get to the arch and back.

delicate 29

So we decided to take the “short” trail to see the arch from a distance.

Not only was I sick… I am seriously out of shape, but I blamed it on the altitude 😉 I am from Texas after all we can do that.

It started off pretty easy, just walk on a nice trail in the cool breeze,

delicate 23

Then we came to these stairs

delicate 26

and then to this hill that I swear to you was straight up.

you can see me struggling to get up this hill
you can see me struggling to get up this hill

delicate 7

After I stopped breathing hard, and my heart rate went back down to non heart attack levels, I took in the view…

and, let’s just say, the view was worth all that… and I really wish I could have hiked the actual hike and oddly enough I didn’t feel so sick…

delicate 39

Here are a few of the pictures…

delicate 33 delicate 36 delicate 5 delicate 6

Have you ever hiked the actual Delicate Arch Hike?

If you ever make it to Arches National Park, it is a must do, and I will be back to do it!

Arches National Park

True Story the other evening we were coming home from the airport,we had just picked up my mother, the topic of our road trip came up when my dad tells me that the other morning he was watching TV and they had a special on Arches National Park.

arches 13

“Do you know we missed a lot on our visit, there are cave paintings we didn’t even see? You are a horrible tour guide.”

My dad was joking of course, but that is just my dad, disappointed when he misses something cool like cave drawings.

So the lesson of this post? If you ever go to Arches National Park, you will need longer than the 5 hours we spent there. maybe even days, especially if you plan on hiking.

arches 112

We already were delayed due to my sickness the day before, and we needed to get to Colorado by the morning to be on schedule to get back to pick our dog up, so we couldn’t spend nearly as long as we wanted to at this amazing park and I do mean Amazing.

arches 18 arches 17

In additional to the time restraints, I was still recovering from being sick, so we couldn’t hike the park like we wanted to, so we just drove from site to site and took pictures.

arches 21

Anyway, here are a few of the pictures of the park

arches 110 arches 111 arches 25 arches 27 arches 34 arches 38 arches 40 arches 42 arches 44 arches 46 arches 59 arches 65 arches 74 arches 105


If you ever want to go to the park plan a few days, and the park is located in Moab Utah, I plan on going back someday to do a lot of hiking.

All my pictures can be found on my facebook page


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