Tabyana Beach

After zip lining we went to a beach for a little beach break. There was an approaching storm so I was slightly concerned we would not be able to spend the entire time at the beach before heading back. The beach break was at Tabyana Beach.



The beach was very touristy, but great all at the same time. The water is crystal clear, the surrounding forests green and lush. I did not get into the water, because I didn’t feel like changing into my swim suit, but I did walk around the beach to take pictures.






It was beautiful, maybe one of the prettiest beaches I have ever seen. It was even more breathtaking as the storm was moving in.

Have you ever noticed how beaches my storms mesmerizing?



Wordless Wednesday


Getting Stamped in Belize

On this trip I HAD to get my passport stamped. I have never felt like an “official” traveler because my passport remained blank.

So I shamelessly, tracked down where to get my passport stamped in each port. (there is so much more than traveling that stamps, but I just HAD to do it!)


I suceeded in Honduras & Belize, but Mexico I didn’t which is ironic as I have visited Mexico multiple times but never been stamped.

Anyhow, I asked everyone where to go get stamped in Belize… it took me forever to find it.

Finally I found it. I loved it, it was so small, and the lady that stamped my passport was so sweet. Which just confirmed that Belize may have the best people in the world!



and look I get to strike something else of my bucket list…


Book Review Sunday


The more I read this series the more I love it.

I am NOT a huge fan of erotica fiction. I knew when I started the series that this would happen, but I kept reading and said I would stop reading.

Under normal circumstances this one scene would have made me stop, however it did not and I have already started burnt offerings.

I just can’t get enough of Anita Blake & Jean Claude. I love this series and I have no clue why I am just now reading the series.

This story did not have a lot of police drama, but then again someone is after Anita, and has hired a hit man.

This might be the only plot line that I kinda had an issue with. I figured it out the instant we found out an assassin was after her yet Anita did not. I found that unlikely.

But then again she was dealing with two beyond sexy boyfriends, so maybe she was distracted.

Like I said I can’t get enough of this series, and will continue to push through and read the series.

This book gets 5 stars for sure!

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