Time to Raise $$$ for the Children of Ecuador

So it is no secret I am planning another volunteer adventure to Ecuador for 2015.  I have already paid my fee & booked my flight (well almost waiting to see if the prices drop!)  so now it is time to plan what I am going to bring to this project.  Not only am I practicing my Spanish, I want to donate items as well my time.

One of the things I realized quickly in my short time in Guatemala is basic resources are hard to come by in Latin America, especially books. I I went to many stores & markets and one of the things I noticed is how expensive books were.  In America, we know books are expensive.  I often roll my eyes when I pay $10 for  a book on Amazon.  So imagine my surprise when I learned that the cost of books, doesn’t really change in Latin America. $10 to me is the cost of lunch, $10 to other parts of the world may be all they have to survive on for the week.  So obviously books are a true luxury item.

So I am making it a goal to raise money to buy much needed supplies for my project.    Here is the basic list that I have obtained from past volunteers, my project booklet and my own experience.

Vitamins/Calcium tablets
Antibiotics, antiseptics
Medical family guides
Any books and/or research on health care relevant to Ecuador
First aid materials
Children’s clothing
Bubble Solution
Face Paint
Music player and some children’s music
Musical instruments
Stickers, stamps and certificates
Group games such as bingo, chutes & ladders, twister, etc
Colored drawing paper
Books (any type)
Colored pavement chalk

As you can see the list is basic.  We often take some of these things for granted.  It is about to be the holidays, and I am planning on taking part of the madness that is Black Friday.  My job does a toy drive every year and I can’t wait to buy toys for the kids of America & Ecuador.  I am going to be fighting for those $5 games so you best watch out people! 🙂

Interested in helping me with the kids of Ecuador?

I have a few fundraisers at play here if interested feel free to take part in one of them ALL MONEY RAISED IS GOING TO BUY SUPPLIES FOR THE CHILDREN OF ECUADOR  

First you can buy the bulk items I have added specifically to my Amazon Wishlist for Ecuador, the items will be shipped directly to me and I will pack them up when I go to Ecuador (or if I collect too much I will try and ship! we will see) I am taking two suitcases so let’s feel them up! I mean I don’t really need clothes while I am there 😉

Wish List for Ecuador

As I find more items these might get added, also if you think something else is more fitting let me know, I will add it! If you have been there and noticed something that might be needed please let me know!  I am going strictly on word of mouth so help me!

Second, I have started a GoFundMe account strictly for the project funds.  I am trying to buy at least $500 in supplies. You can click on the link below and you donate directly to this page.

FINALLY, you can just shop with cause. The lovely Katie Mullenix has agreed to donate part of her proceeds from Origami Owl to the cause, so feel free to shop with a cause & get some very pretty stuff for yourself, friends and family. You can shop directly for the cause here, I am pretty sure I am going buy a few charms myself

Buy Origami Owl

Also I want everyone to know that this is a great cause, that I am very excited about.  Latin America is truly one of my favorite places on Earth and I can’t wait to really try and make a difference even if it is only for two weeks.

As always thanks for reading and I can’t wait to share more with you in the future!

Fun Websites I discovered this week

Hey Everyone!

This week has been one of the busiest & most emotionally exhausting weeks I have had in a long time.  I don’t think I have been able to do ANYTHING right according to those people around me. So first I will share a picture… of where I wish was instead of trapped in hell.


Anyway, I am hoping to get some blog work done this week , along with some writing, and other projects I need to get done for my own personal sanity. First I figured I would share a couple links for my fellow travel lovers.

Lately I have been obsessed with travel (not new) specifically volunteer travel.

Help Stay

This is a site I discoverer that reminds me a lot of airbnb, except the hosts are willing to let you stay for free (and meals are sometime included) for a few hours of work.   They are limited on the stays right now and I suspect this is a new website, for a small fee about $15 a year.  I LOVE this website.  I think it is a fun way to see how other parts of the world live & and a great way to get in with the locals.  I can already tell there is an Ice Cream Scooping job that I am just itching to go try out to stay in the area.

Auction of Vintage Travel Posters

Oh how I love Vintage travel posters… and how I dream of being rich.  🙂 I really wish I could partake in this auction.

Have you come across any great travel themed articles? Share them below!

Also I am looking for any great sites that are about travel in Ecuador, especially easily accessible from Quito, I am in the process of planning my two weeks!

Wordless Wednesday


OK slight detour from the “wordless” part of this post, but I just love this picture of my brother. It also shows how much technology has changed 🙂

Review: Dead New World

Just escape the cubicle already

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