Lessons from my Grandmother

Those of you that know me personally know that my grandmother passed away on Thanksgiving.

She had leukemia and it was just her time to go.

My grandmother was a looker... :)
My grandmother was a looker… 🙂

I was fortunate enough that I was able to say goodbye but more importantly have conversations with her about life, love and happiness.

We also had a few moments of laughter because my grandmother was insane, which is why it was so hard to see her struggle with the disease.

We discussed my ambitions, especially when it came to travel. People often tune me out, because I desire to see everywhere and everything.

Yes I know that is impossible, but me being stubborn I am going to damn well try.

She was encouraging and told me to go for any of my dreams, because when I am 80 I will have regrets if not.

We discussed love, and how I often feel as if I loose myself in someone.

She told me that someone that loves me will understand my desires, and not try to curtail them.

She told me that I need to live every moment like it is my last, because the end of the road will happen, she just hopes I make it to 81 too.

She told me to live, love and laugh like it is my last.

I am forever grateful for those moments, and I count my blessings that even though she is gone I had a person liker her supporting my dreams all my life.

This is a short post but I felt the advice is something that everyone should be reminded of.

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“Hiking” Diamond Head

When dad and I started making plans for what we wanted to do while in Oahu, we knew that Diamond Head was a must do.  I was excited about Diamond Head I had seen photos of the natural beauty.  I was excited.

Then I started to read reviews of the hike.

about 1000 stairs before you get half way

Hardest hike ever!

You walk straight up!

These were all comments about the hike, dad wasn’t worried.

I however, am very out of shape.  Very.  I keep my weight in check because I eat healthy, but working out? Yeah I don’t exercise.   I am working on that though (so don’t yell at me!)

SO while I was apprehensive about the hike, I knew I would have to do it, because my dad was way too excited about going.

When we arrived I was initially surprised to see that the entrance fee was $1. That is so cheap!!!

Then it was time to start the hike, we walked casually along a sidewalk.

“this isn’t so bad”  I tell dad.  Hell I was even smiling.

Dad on the "easy" path

Then we start walking at an incline… and continued walking up this incline for about 20 minutes….

Then came the first round of stairs….

after climbing those stairs I needed a moment, to catch my breath… I was also swearing I would start working out someday, this was embarrassing.

Right when I started breathing normally my dad was ready to go and we started walking on an incline to get more stairs…

“How many stairs were there again?”  I asked dad.

“60, that is what that guy said.”   Dad was even starting to sweat.

“Uh I think (breathe hard)  he lied this (breathe hard)  is more like 6000 (breathe hard).”    I may have dropped a few bad words in there too… but I try to keep my blog PG.  I then started counting the stairs and stopped counting at 100.

Let’s just say the stairs are somewhere between 60-6000 but understand this… there are a lot of stairs. 

 Then we  came to a tunnel, I looked at dad, because he is not a fan of dark closed spaces.

“You wanna go in.”  He looked at me shook his head and started walking into the dark tunnel.

Actually I am pretty sure the tunnel was pitch black I couldn’t see a thing.  I couldn’t even see my hand in front of me.

It was semi creepy.

We made it through the tunnel.

We then looked to the right and the left, both options had MORE stairs… but it was clearly the end of the road.

“Ready?” dad asked, at this point I was breathing so hard I couldn’t answer, so I just nodded and we started climbing more stairs.

Finally we made it to the top, and the view was breathless.   There was a gentle breeze, on one side was the crater, and the other side was blue water,  It was as if we could see the best of both worlds from one vantage point.

We took about a 100 pictures, and started to hike back down.

The way down was WAY easier than the “hike” up… and apparently it is technically not a hike because it is paved the entire way.

So while I have not started exercising I can still say I am glad I went up Diamond Head, cause the view was fantastic!

Here are some pictures from the hike!

IMG_0124 IMG_0127 IMG_0128 IMG_0129 IMG_0132

my handsome daddy :)
my handsome daddy 🙂
always sporting my nerdy tees!

IMG_0135 IMG_0142 IMG_0144 IMG_0146 IMG_0148 IMG_0149 IMG_0151

What are your thoughts on Diamond Head?

Dad on the “easy” path

Travel Lust Thursday

I had so much fun with last week’s Travel Lust Thursday I think I am going to continue it to this week…

I  am choosing a location I won’t disclose, because it is somewhere I am going in 2014, but have not quite come out to my family about it… yet.

So for my travel junkies you might know where it is, and feel free to share your comments below.

I will give you one hint.  It is in South America.

Here are my favorite pictures I discovered of my future travel destination 🙂 Photo Credits are given in the caption… so if you really want to know I am sure you can just go to those sites 🙂

Source: Destinations Guide
Source: Destinations Guide
Source:  USSEC,org
Source: USSEC,org
Source: Destination360.com Further note... I WILL be doing this when I arrive in this beautiful city :)
Source: Destination360.com
Further note… I WILL be doing this when I arrive in this beautiful city 🙂
Source: Flickr.com If you know the photographer let me know, so I can give proper credit!
Source: Flickr.com
If you know the photographer let me know, so I can give proper credit!
images (3)


This is just a few of my favorite shots, and I can’t wait to get my own of this beautiful city.

So everyone any guesses where these were taken?


Wordless Wednesday


Just escape the cubicle already

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