Organized to Death: Tina Tales by Jan Christensen


Set in: Rhode Island
Summary: Back in her hometown of Newport, RI, Tina Shaw, twenty-nine, is picking up the pieces of her shattered life. She begins her first job as a professional organizer in a house filled with cardboard boxes and clutter, only to discover a dead body in an eerily neat baby nursery. She fears this career move may be a short one until the handsome but spooky new doctor persuades her to reorganize his office left in disarray by the former physician.

Ignoring the doctor’s obvious interest in her, Tina begins seeing her former boyfriend. When he protests against her new profession, she realizes what a control freak he is. Then there’s another old flame who is making her hotter by the minute. As she works through the office clutter, she learns the doctor has a possible motive for the killing. But when someone else is shot, the doctor has a solid alibi–Tina herself. Drawn unwillingly into the case, she searches for answers as her list of suspects multiplies. When the killer begins targeting Tina and her friends, she works harder to learn the murderer’s identity before someone else is found dead

I really really enjoyed this light weight murder mystery.  The first chapter you get to “witness” the murder and then it all comes together throughout the book.

I am going to enjoy this series as it progresses & this is for anyone that really needs a lightweight murder mystery for those upcoming beach days!

In fact I am debating on reading book 2 on my upcoming beach day.

I also can highly recommend Black Out by this author, she has a way of making a story come together and getting you hooked!

Disclaimer:  I did receive the book in exchange for an honest review, as always the opinions are my own.

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