One of the Best Interactive Lines at Disney

The Haunted Mansion is often considered a Disney Classic.

I love the ride for a multitude of reasons, I remember riding it with my parents and grandmother as a child, I like the spooky atmosphere, and now that I am an adult I enjoy it to get off my feet for 5-10 minutes.

The ride it’s self is top-notch, if you really sit back and think about the special effects, the sights, the sounds, it really is a ride that was superior before it’s time. Something I feel that only Disney can often accomplish.

I won’t get into the back story, yes there is a very intricate & detailed back story, but if you want to know CLICK HERE to become educated. It is quite cool knowing the story before you ride it.

Anyway, when you enter the line queue, you have two options, the “scenic route” and the not so scenic route. It was Leap Day, so we choose the scenic route. The very cool thing about this line is it interactive. Which in my opinion is a great way to keep occupied while waiting in line (just bring hand sanitizer 😉 ). You can play instruments, look for ghosts, shoot water out of the Captain’s Grave, Interact with the book shelf, and well so much more.

If you have kids that don’t want to ride the ride, it is def worth taking them through the line to interact, and then just escape before getting on.

Anyway, here are some of the really cool pics of the line. Enjoy!

P.S Be patient they may take a while to load

Our illegal shot before the pre-show started 🙂

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