October Trunk Club Review

Hey everyone, I just got my new Trunk and while I loved everything in the trunk it did not love me 🙁 Trying stuff on can suck man.

That being said everything was super trendy and stylish that you can wear year after year.  So what was in my trunk this month?

I was so excited to try on the Free People cardigan, like SOOSOO excited except it looked horrible on me.   A lot of fashion bloggers are wearing this and it looks fabulous on them so I don’t get it.

Then again most of the items I felt looked off on me.  So maybe I was in a bad fashion mood?  I am not sure.

The Free People V Neck sweater I LOVED though, it is so soft and going to be perfect for winter… I mean the five days of Winter Texas is likely going to have anyway.

I will love wearing it everywhere, especially when I cuddle into the couch and catch up on my reading list.

Overall, the trunk was certainly in the scope of my personal style I just did not like how most of the items looked on me.

So it went back.  🙁

The holidays are coming up and it is time to find those perfect party dresses,  so I think I am going to start hunting for that.    I am not a big “I must party hard during the Holidays” person but I will have a few events this year that attendance is mandatory so it is time to find those perfect outfits.

Happy Halloween everyone!

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