October 2017 Recap

It is interesting some of the things that I get asked and how a question will spark an idea.

I love to travel and while I wish I was in a position to jump on a jet and go I am not quite there yet, so when I was asked “how do I enjoy life away from work when you can’t travel?”   I decided I would start publishing my life in a way that proves you don’t really have to travel to enjoy life.  I mean go travel it is good for you, but in reality most of us can’t do it every day for whatever reason. (or at least feel like we can’t but that is WHOLE OTHER topic)

So this gave me a light bulb moment, and I realized I can post what I did each month.  (even if it is lame.)

So lets jump right into my “wins” for the month. 

Well for starters I turned 35

I can’t believe I am 35, I remember when I younger I thought  35 was so old, but ironically I feel like my life has officially started.   It is crazy how great 35 feels.   I am very excited to see where I go from here.

I booked a trip to China.

So this trip is not until next year but after I had a very sad medical emergency happen I decided it was time to do what I wanted and live my life.   So what did I do?  I booked another trip to China.

I watched season one of Preacher. 

I freaking loved this show.  He is a preacher in Texas that essentially gets “possessed” and has powers, plus it has Dominic Cooper in it who is an absolute doll.   Can’t wait to watch season 2.

I started a new job

I love love love my new job.  I work for a very amazing woman who is super accomplished and a fantastic role model for the community.  I could not ask for a better job for me right now.

I paid off $1080 in debt and settled one delinquent account

This was a pretty good win.   I am absolutely ready to tackle the last of my debt, I paid just over 1000 to my debts and settled my Capital One card.  I still have 3 cards left to get settled but I am super excited that I will be debt free in a year.  Debt is one of the things that has held me back so knowing I made a small dent was a win for the month.

I bought my Star Wars: The Last Jedi tickets.

Enough said, I don’t need to explain how awesome this is.


I have been wanting to branch out and try different types of cuisines.  

This month I tried Thai food twice. 

I actually love Thai food, so I didn’t branch out much. hahaha but I am really trying to get better at trying different foods.


Favorite book this month?

Crimes Against A Book Club

I LOVED this book.   You can read my full review HERE.


Most popular blog post? 

Product Review: Pearlessence | Cucumber Water Face Mist – 8oz

I found this interesting, this post has gotten so many hits this month.  I wrote this post back in April but it has had a lot of hits lately.  It is a great product and you should buy it.    I still use it almost daily.


My favorite movie this month?


It is available on Netflix.  Not to be confused with The Circle.   Pretty much a group of people wake up in a room in a giant circle and have to vote on who dies.  This movie is pretty fantastic in the sense that it is a very real social commentary on how people value life and who’s life gets valued more.   It is really good.

I did not go out and see any new movies this month.


Favorite things bought?

I love this e.l.f nourishing night cream, truth is sometimes I think face creams are gimmicks but I do love how soft my face feels and it doesn’t break me out.

I bought Shea Moisture shampoo to rotate with my alba shampoo.   I am trying to keep my hair strong and healthy and the reviews for this product are almost always positive.  So far I am loving it.

I love the Steve Madden shoes simply because I have had my eyes on them for a very long time, I am required to wear closed toe shoes at work but I will be breaking these beauties out this spring.


This month was average and overall not too shabby.   Coming up in November?

With the exception of watching Thor: Ragnarok I have absolutely no clue.   I am winging it.

How was your month of October?




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