November 2017- Recap

November was pretty calm, considering it is a major holiday month.

I started off the month dog sitting my fur siblings while my parents cruised the Caribbean & Central America.   November 1st I volunteered for a benefit breakfast at my job and met some pretty cool and apparently prominent people.  (I couldn’t tell they were rich and “Dallas” famous, they were just cool as hell) I voted in the Goodreads Reader Choice Awards and realized just how little I have read this year but since I was commuting so much I was able to listen to a LOT of books this  month (Plus I did my annual help my friend read 100s of children’s books so she can make her Spring reading list, children’s books take a whole 3 minutes so I was reading 5-6 a day).  Guys seriously if you commute a lot, invest in Kindle Unlimited and listen to audio books on your way to work… not only will you be fancy cause you have read the classics… you are WAY more zen in life.  Seriously.  #LifeTipsFromJen

But enough of that let’s jump into what non travel fun things I did this month actually I didn’t travel at all, but with good reason.

Wins for the month

I learned to write 1-50 in Mandarin.

Yes I sure did.  I decided I am going back to China I am going to try my hardest to learn as much as I can PRIOR to going to China.  I also work with two girls who are from mainland China and Taiwan and I confirmed my skills with them.    I have always wanted to know how to write Mandarin  so I figured since I am in save to travel mode I might as well self teach… and heck yeah people I can write in Mandarin or at least pretend I am going to.

I have saved a total of $570.84: Remaining Reach Saving Goal: $35,429.26 approx. 1.61% of  my reach goal.  It is 10.51% of my I am willing to leave at anytime goal. 

I set a date on a RTW trip (post is coming tomorrow) and I was pretty surprised how much I could save, but this was mostly because I set a strict budget and stuck to it.  I could have saved more but I still spend $ on stuff I don’t need…  but each month I get better.   I didn’t go out to eat and I contemplated every purchase.  I have budgeted Christmas shopping into my checks so I didn’t overspend, but still managed to get some pretty awesome gifts for my family. I set a “reach” savings goal of $36k.   I set a “willing to leave at anytime goal” of $6,000.   I am planning on teaching abroad so I will have money coming in, I just want money in the bank for anything that might occur the first month or two.  That being said I have other factors in play so I am planning on leaving November of 2019, but if everything falls into place as long as I have at minimum 6k I will be ready to go anytime before this date.  These numbers MIGHT change, but for now this is what I am aiming for.   You can never have too much money but truthfully I am just aiming high to see what I can accomplish.  I am obsessed right now, I literally am focused on saving as much as possible every paycheck.  I itemize and try to plan for every single expense I can encounter between pay checks.   I have never been a saver so the fact I am half way to 1k in just one month excites me, especially since my Christmas shopping is 99% done so I don’t have to worry about that this month.

Favorite purchases this month

Guys click on the above image (taken directly from SpeakeasySupplyCo just to show you how awesome it is) and buy one now!  MY FAVORITE purchase this month plus I can travel with it.

Favorite Book this Month- 

Still House Lake (review coming soon but it is OH SO good) book 2 comes out in 2 weeks! yay!

Favorite Movie this Month: Thor Ragnarok, I didn’t see it opening day which is not really my norm when it comes to Marvel films but I did see it eventually and it was delightfully hilarious and a much needed break.  This was the only movie I saw in theaters this month.

Best Bad Movie I watched on Netflix– Piranha… yeah I laughed my butt off the entire time.  I LOVE my bad Netflix movies, that I posted about it.   ( I will leave the new stuff to Zach’s Zany Reviews and just blog about the junk)

Weird Stuff I tried:

I brushed my teeth with activated charcoal and I promise I will share a post soon about that as well, reminder I am not a doctor nor do I want to be a doctor so do your own research if you are thinking about brushing your teeth with activated charcoal.  I can tell you it worked for me! 

Top Post of the month: 

This post still remains a top click on my blog month after month

Product Review: Pearlessence | Cucumber Water Face Mist – 8oz









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