Nirvana (Nirvana #1) by J.R. Stewart


Summary: When the real world is emptied of all that you love, how can you keep yourself from dependence on the virtual?

Animal activist and punk rock star Larissa Kenders lives in a dystopian world where the real and the virtual intermingle. After the disappearance of her soulmate, Andrew, Kenders finds solace by escaping to Nirvana, a virtual world controlled by Hexagon. In Nirvana, anyone’s deepest desires may be realized – even visits with Andrew.

Although Kenders knows that this version of Andrew is virtual, when he asks for her assistance revealing Hexagon’s dark secret, she cannot help but comply. Soon after, Kenders and her closest allies find themselves in a battle with Hexagon, the very institution they have been taught to trust. After uncovering much more than she expected, Kenders’ biggest challenge is determining what is real – and what is virtual.

Nirvana is a fast-paced, page-turning young adult novel combining elements of science fiction, mystery, and romance. Part of a trilogy, this book introduces readers to a young woman who refuses to give up on the man she loves, even if it means taking on an entire government to do so.

Overall this was a very well done book.  While it did not draw me in the way I hoped (that cover is beautiful!) it did keep me interested the author does a fantastic job of making you feel the raw emotion and hope that Kenders is going through about the loss of her lover Andrew.

This is a complex dystopian world actually is sucks so bad that everyone escapes to Nirvana their virtual world where anything is possible.   There is an evil (organization IE Hexagon) which makes this one heck of a dystopian world.     This is the first book of a trilogy that I will continue to read.

Oh, there is a hell of a cliffhanger.  I mean once I hit he cliffhanger I was so upset that I have to wait for the next book.

This is a good book and I will continue to read the series.

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