New Years Goals… and all that nonsense…

Hahaha yeah I know it is New Years, and this is the time of year that everyone has goals, goals and more goals.

loose weight, eat better, save money… blah blah blah blah. We have all been there, and well this year boys and girls I am making my goals, fun!

It is also a time to sit back and reflect on what an amazing year you had, and I had one.  I spent the night in three new states Mississippi, Alabama & Iowa.

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I went to San Diego Comic Con & got up close and got up close and  personal with Travis Fimmel,



was in the crowd that Joe Manganiello teased he was going to strip down…


I swam in the Belize Barrier Reef,

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zip lined through the Honduran jungle,

Zip Line 5

negotiated (in SPANISH!) in the Mexican markets,



oh and did I mention I kissed a Sting Ray?


and drum roll please….I FINALLY got my passport stamped & booked my first trip to a foreign country that I am taking by myself.


As I sit back and reflect, 2013 was perfect 

Well in 2014, I am all about fun or at least my idea of fun, and not a single one of them involves my damn cubicle

Jen’s Fun Goals (not resolutions!!!) for 2014.

Read 150 books this year– I love to read, but even this is a tough goal for me, we will see! Tomorrow I will post the VERY LARGE list of the books I am possibly considering.  Tell me your must reads! I am always happy to hear about a good book!

Watch every movie on the AFI’s 100 Greatest Movies List

Make it to 5 NEW states– This is getting harder for me, so wish me luck!

Make it to 10 different comic cons– I have been working on this plan for a year now! So again wish me luck!

Learn how to use my damn sewing machine!

Learn to Dance Samba.  As I am planning on going to Brazil soon… I feel this is a must.

I want to do a lot of fun DIY projects. I will share what I do with you of course!

All in all I have big plans this year, and I can’t wait to see what unexpected adventures pop up!

Most importantly I plan on living by my favorite quote of all time…


What are your goals for this year?

Happy New Year’s Everyone, may it be filled with all your hopes and dreams!


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