My year in review

This year started off a little slow with a few mishaps but quickly started to pick up pace.

I didn’t make it to New Orleans, because of an “ice” scare.  What can I saw Texans don’t do ice.

I went to Florida with hopes of visiting the most magical place on earth but in fact caught the flu and practically spent the entire time in the hotel.  I only took about fifty photos which is not like me when it comes to Disney.


Pictures Taken: 57

In March I went to Walker Stalker con and meet the Governor & Emma Bell.  That was awesome!


I went to the eye doctor with hopes of getting new glasses and in return found out I needed new eyes and had to undergo cataract surgery at 32, with crappy health insurance.

and thanks to the surgery news both my trip to Oslo and Quito were cancelled.  I had to come up with a lot of money for the surgery and deep down I knew I could not spend that money on travel when I really needed to get my vision corrected.

So I had eye surgery… twice.

I just knew 2015 was going to suck….and in a way it really did

But it was pretty awesome too

I went to Comicpalooza & had a great time.  I met Jeremy Renner…. and regret not paying for the photo opp…


I went to Biloxi Mississippi in June thinking I would be bored out of my mind, but ended up parasailing and crossing something else off my bucket list. Biloxi is way better than I could have imagined.

My mom & dad got a new puppy who has literally stolen my heart




Then I went to Key West & let me tell you that town has the best vibe, I totally wish I was a local.


I spent some time in the Bahamas

I also got to see The Magic Kingdom during Christmas!

Overall my year was a little slower than I hoped but I still had a fantastic year thanks to my wonderful friends & family!

Happy New Year everyone!

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