My year 2 plan…

So I am setting a budget of $18250 for my second year of travel.   Which is pretty much $50 per day for 365 days.  I am also making sure I keep years 2-5 vague because I know a lot can change over the course of years, but I do have a basic idea of what I am wanting to accomplish.

Considering I am going to Europe this isn’t a lot  of money, that being said I feel it will be more than enough as I plan on utilizing help stays for my entire duration.  I do plan on visiting as many countries as I can while I am in Europe but for the most part I am going to work my way through Europe.

I am hoping to continue fine tuning my Spanish, as well as learn Portuguese, French, Italian & Greek.

Do I plan on being fluent?  Nah.  But I am going to try and learn as much as I can.  So my plan is to set up 4 bases throughout the year.  One in Portugal, one in France, one in Italy & one in Greece.   I have looked at a few help stays and I have found some food service projects in Portugal, multiple farming eco projects in France, Italy has plenty of teaching placements & Greece has a national forest project.   These are of course subject to change but I feel positive I will be able to find something in order to work on learning these languages.

Overall I am positive that I will set up my time divided between these 4 countries.  I will take weekend trips as I can to visit other countries, but I am really wanting to focus on learning Italian, Portuguese, French & Greek.  I think it will be fun to really focus on learning languages & focus on teaching English as second language.

Again as most of the help stays include accommodation & food as part of the stay.  Most of expenses will come from language lessons & any weekend getaways I plan.    I am almost 100% positive these 4 countries are where I will set up my “base of operations” while I am Europe.

At the end of my year I do plan on returning to the US again in order to plan my next year, which will be Africa.  I will need to make sure I have all my shots, get any check ups I need, spend a month or two visiting family.  Handle any financial things I need to handle and then BOOM I am off to Africa.

So for 2 year of travel what is my “planned budget”

Year 1- $21,612
Year 2- $18250

Total? $39662 or about $54 per day. My next stop is Africa, where I plan on spending my year volunteering throughout Africa with different projects.

My current leave date is still April 1, 2019 and I know that date will be here before I know it, especially since I am planning on saving 75k for my trip, currently I have saved 1% of what I need. ha! I have a LONG way to go.

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