My Summer WISH LIST! Yes I am serious about the Unicorn Float…

I admit I love shopping even though 99.9% of the time I stop myself but I do want to splurge from time to time.   I am always online browsing especially lately because well to be honest I am bored sometimes at night.  (working nights remotely is so lonely, everyone is ASLEEP!)

I decided I would share the products that have stuck with me and the ones that if I find myself with extra cash I will probably buy 🙂

The Unicorn float… yes yes yes I know silly Jen.   I am in love with this float and to be honest I am probably going to buy this for pool days with my mom this summer.

The ASOS tote is something I have had my eyes on, I love how bright and cheery it is!  I think it is perfect for summer!

The Brita Water bottle is something I am probably going to buy asap.   I do hot yoga and I feel like SUCH a freaking loser when I bring a water bottle in to class.   I mean it is so bad for the environment and I should be ashamed.

The Osprey bag is water resistant and to be honest I am probably going to buy an Osprey back pack soon anyway.   I am taking a 12 day trip to the Caribbean at the end of the Summer and I really just want a simple bag I can walk around with and this is the one I keep coming back to.

I LOVE the bracelets at NOVICA especially these Guatemalan bracelets,  I am pretty positive I will buy these on next payday.

The Burberry sunglasses are a pretty big splurge but I had a pair that I bought end of season a couple of years ago that I was absolutely in love with, sadly they are no longer with me and I have wanted another pair for quite sometime.

The Crocs water shoes I will buy before I go to the Caribbean.  I am planning on chasing a lot of waterfalls and I really need a pair of water shoes.   So far these are my favorite 🙂

I love the beach cover up by Ralph Lauren 🙂

I am getting pretty obsessed with all of the beach towels by The Beach People and if  I do get to work as much as I am hoping this summer I am going to splurge and buy this towel as I am in LOVE with it!

 So there you have it! 9 items that I am planning on adding this summer (well probably not the sunglasses 🙁 ) !   What are your must haves this summer?

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