My Summer Survival Items!

Hey guys!

Summer is literally ALMOST a month away!  I can’t believe it is finally here.   While it is quite warm in Texas and already feels like Summer in the afternoons,  I know some are anxiously getting ready for their summer vacations or road trips during Memorial Day weekend!  (Envious!)  I feel very much like a vampire, I am currently an American working on Beijing time and it is killing me, I literally ONLY come out at night and even then I am rarely seen.  (true story!)

That being said I am really hoping to get to enjoy some of the sunshine this Summer!  That being said I want to share some of my favorite products with you!  I hope you give them a try and love them as much as I do!  Bonus most are SUPER cheap as you know I am ALWAYS on a budget (plane tickets are not cheap!)

All my products are cruelty free & I love each and every one of them!

I have the worst luck with nails!  I am very rough on my hands, I am really working on that.   I use gloves now when I do any cleaning and the dishes!  I am also trying to not be as aggressive when it comes to typing.   That being said I LOVE Wet n Wild 1 step wonder.  SO many colors to choose from I can’t help myself!

Summer is brutal on my hair.  Between the sun, chlorine, beach water (if I am lucky) my hair gets so dry!!!!  Shea Moisture is always to the rescue.  I LOVE ALL of their products and use them year around!

I bought this H&M bikini and I am in love with it.   It is mix and match and they have it available in all bra sizes so you can guarantee a perfect fit! #winning

I love the Yes To line.   I love their sleeping masks and I really try to use one a week depending on my skin issues.   My skin gets very dry & sometimes agitated and sensitive.   I love how there is a wide variety so I can cater my sleeping mask to my current issues.

ALBA sunblock.   THERE is a very good chance your sunblock is doing more harm than good.   Ever since I learned about the corals getting bleached I realized I had to do better when it comes to choosing my sun block products.   That is why I use ALBA.   I use ALBA everything and I am always boasting at how much I love their products as I find my skin & hair have started looking pretty stellar since I have started using their products.    I would work for ALBA if I could. 🙂

Finally, I rarely if ever wear makeup in the summer.  It is always over a 100 and humid as hell in Texas so why bother.   I might wear full makeup if I am going somewhere but I don’t see that happening much this summer as I plan on working crazy hours.   I have two debts I am trying to get rid of this summer and I am done with debt.   I am a woman on a mission 🙂 but that being said if I need to wear something to even my skin tone I always turn to E.L.F tinted moisturizer.   It has SPF and I have found it works for me and hell for $3 it is a total STEAL.

So there you have it the products I love and will use all Summer.   What products do you use?  Comment below and let me know!

Post contains affiliate links which help me keep the growing cost of keeping this website online.  They are as always NO cost to you. 🙂 

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