My plans for the next few months…

In case you haven’t noticed my blog has been very focused on books & book tours for the past couple of months vs traveling and adventuring.   There are a couple of reasons as to why this has been the case.

  1.  I have not traveled anywhere exciting to share.
  2.  I am in the process of regrouping finances so I can pay off my surgery debt and get better about saving.
  3.  The majority of my travel plans are during the second half of the year.
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So what can you expect the next couple of months?  I am still going to take part in a lot of book tours.  I am really focused on cutting debt & expenses over the next year, so my adventure posts are going to be few and far between until probably this summer when I will really try and focus on taking some close to home adventures.

I am going to try and interview people that have traveled the world long term. I want to be clear this is still 100% my goal, and I will obtain my goal.  It is just not in 2017 like I was hoping for.   Making this choice was a personal one and you have to do what you are comfortable with and I am not comfortable being in debt and traveling long term.

I am going to start my savings posts back up, starting March 1.  Yep, thanks to the fact that I got myself into so much debt, I am pretty much back at ground zero when it comes to saving.  Thankfully, I will be able to get back on track starting March 1.  I am going to start sharing monthly or bi-monthly posts about what I saved.  I am not sure if I want to do this monthly or every other month at this time, but you rest assured it will come back.

I will start traveling again.  Like I said this won’t really happen until the second part of the year, but I am traveling this year.   My plans are not 100% final, but they will be soon.  I can’t wait to travel again I feel so lost 🙂

I am going to start writing posts about countries I wish to visit on my trip.  One thing I have been told numerous times is that the best part of the planning stage is the planning.  I am going to start writing posts about “planning and budgeting” for a one month stay in x country.   Will I go to this country?? Maybe.  I do know that planning and determining how much I will actually need is something I have to do and I might as well do it in these stages.

So I appreciate all my travel friends that follow me for our love of travel, I promise I will be back on track with adventures soon.  I love book tours & I love reading but I do miss having an adventure!




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