My Phoenix Comic Con Drama

About three years ago I had the pleasure of meeting Yvonne Craig, for those of you not in the know, she played Batgirl in the 1960’s version of Batman. I love Batman.  

I found this epic picture of Yvonne as Batgirl, Burt as Robin and Adam West as Batman. When I bought the picture I remember thinking this would be awesome if I get the chance to meet all three.

When I say it has been a huge goal to get ALL three to sign the photo so I can frame and mount it in my future mansion you can take that goal to the bank. Every time I look at a con, I look to see if these two are going to be present.(Two meaning Adam and Burt)

So imagine my excitement when I learned that BOTH Adam West and Burt Ward were going to be at Phoenix Comic Con, I couldn’t contain my excitement.

I went to the Batman panel and absolutely loved it.  I laughed so much throughout the panel.  It really was a fantastic panel. I will have pictures from that panel up soon!


Anyway, after the panel mom and I decided to go ahead and line up for Adam West, there were only about two dozen people in line and we figured it was a good time to get in line.

I waited 2 hours.  (this is not unusual at any con, it is very common to wait for long periods at a time to meet a celeb or get into a panel so I didn’t mind too much)

Except when the line starts moving, a volunteer comes through and said Adam West is personalizing everything.

ok.  Except I don’t want my photo personalized.    I get a lot of autographs personalized, but this one picture? Absolutely not.  This is an item that I want to get framed.  It is an item that I want to sit up in my future mansion someday.


I look at my mother and tell her, if he is personalizing items I am just going to wait in line with her, but I don’t want him to sign my picture.  If he wants to personalize, that is his prerogative and I am ok with that and I will respect that.  I just won’t have his signature on this item.

Here is where the drama comes in.  A guy comes by and asks a gentlemen about 10 people in front of me,

“if I give you 300 dollars can you get these items signed, and I will give you 40 bucks on top of that for your time”

Again, if you go to cons you know how common this is.  He was a vendor and he was hoping to get items signed so he can turn around and sell them for profit.  This is NOT uncommon

This is is why a lot of celebs are personalizing items.  Believe me I get it. 

Anyway, I am still waiting with my mother.   There was a handler and this guy told the handler he  wants to get 5 things signed but doesn’t want to get that personalized is that ok?

Sure she says.

So I think YAY! I am going to get Adam West’s autograph after all.  So I get my 80 bucks out and wait.


My mom get’s her item signed, it was already personalized so no issues there. Then it is my turn.  Adam’s agent asks who should he make this out to?

I don’t want it made out to anyone.  I tell him.

I am sorry but I have to be fair to everyone I need it to be made out to someone.  

(Umm really?  I just watched you let Mr. West sign 5 items without personalizing)

Well the lady there just said that it doesn’t have to be personalized.  I tell the agent.  Adam your agent is a liar you might want to think that about 😉

Who said that? and again I am sorry but I have to be fair to everyone.  He then tells the lady that everything has to be personalized.

I look at Mr. West, apologize for holding his line up.

Mr. West, says it isn’t your issue and looks at his agent.

So I can’t get this signed unless I get this personalized? I ask the agent again.

 Yes because I have to be fair to everyone. He tells me.

So I look at Mr. West smile and say well it was a pleasure to at least be up close to you and  I walk away.  I have always wanted to meet Adam West, so that was really cool.

However, I was pissed.  Very pissed.  

Not only did the agent FLAT OUT lie to me but I highly suspect that if I had 5 items to sign I would have been able to get the items without personalizing.   You know, cause Hollywood is all about money.  Money I gladly pay at every single Con I go to, or hell the 2-3 movies I see every weekend.  I get it.

Do I fault Mr. West for not wanting his autograph sold for profit? Absolutely not.  That is fine.  Again it is his prerogative.

Where, I have an issue, is  I was treated like a piece of crap by his agent.  His agent let someone get five items signed, and then thought others wouldn’t notice.

Again another Hollywood agent that thinks the fans of the star he or she rep’s are idiots. 

I look at my mom and say let’s go get in Mr. Ward’s line.

I want to note Mr. Ward signed my item with out personalizing.  I have that story coming soon.  I really enjoyed meeting him.

I also want to note as I feel I need to be fair, the couple who stood behind us came up to me to tell me that Mr. West got onto his agent for letting a fan walk away.  Again, I am pretty sure this agent was not worried about my 80 dollars.  Even though for me 80 dollars is A LOT of money to spend on an autograph. 

At least my actions of walking away were noticed. Maybe this helped another fan who has no intention of making money off autographs was able to get their autograph with out being personalized.

Again, I was ready to not get his autograph, but the fact that not only did I stand there and watch a person get 5 items signed for a vendor WHO CLEARLY was going to turn around and sell the items for profit get signatures without personalizing, I was told by a lady that personalizing wasn’t required… Well I think I have ranted on for quite sometime now…

So to Mr. Adam’s West agent…. I am just being FAIR  to everyone and letting the world know what a prick you are 😉

PS.  The items that were signed? Well I found the guy selling them, he was selling the items for $300 each.

Until my next nerd rant,


4 thoughts on “My Phoenix Comic Con Drama”

    1. I will have that post up Thursday! It was sooo cool meeting both of them even if I had slight drama… I loved meeting both of them!

    1. Hey Keith!

      Promise it will get up, my photos of Burt are on my mother’s camera not mine 🙁 I am waiting for her to upload them so I can get the pics on my blog. I will bug her to get those uploaded asap!


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