My Obsession with Welcome Centers

While driving to work this morning I was thinking about my next post and I realized it would be another Welcome Center Post, and then the thought occurred to me that I might have a problem.

My name is Jennifer and I have an addiction to Welcome Centers.

Seriously, every time I road trip I get excited about a new welcome center, just last week I stopped at the Mississippi Welcome Center (more on that in the future) and determined it to be probably the most photogenic welcome centers I have ever been too.

I think it is because every state has their own character and charm, and the welcome center rest stops are always a way to see that.

I have posted about other state’s welcome centers in the past and today it is time to add another to the list. 

memorial 23

I loved Colorado’s Welcome Center,  it was the typical Welcome to “Our State” sort of situation, but what made this center unique is it had a memorial dedicated to those veterans from Colorado who lost their life in Vietnam, and as I have major respect for anyone in the military and what they sacrifice, it made me smile, as I feel we can’t honor our military enough.

memorial 3

So today my friends I give you the Colorado Welcome Center, I also should mention this is also on Roadside America, so you know it has to be pretty awesome.  (I do want to note that I am  not 100% if this memorial is associated with the center or not, but it is right next door to the building so I am under the assumption it is)

Here are a few of the pics from the visit:

memorial 7 memorial 8 memorial 9 memorial 18 memorial 19 memorial 20 memorial 21 memorial 22 memorial 5 memorial 6

If you want to see if for yourself it is located at

340 Highway 340
Fruita CO

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