My Life in Ruins


Set in: Greece
Summary: A disillusioned American-Greek tour director has her life transformed during one last excursion. Starring: Nia Vardalos, Richard Dreyfuss Runtime: 1 hour, 36 minutes

This movie was a very cute movie. The thing with romantic comedies is that they are all relatively the same with the same outcomes. That being said, not all romantic comedies are set with the stunning back drop that is Greece.

That is what makes this movie for me, the stunning back drop. The blue water, the white ancient ruins… oh how I want to go to Greece.

Since I started finding movies set in different locations I have found that instead of helping my wanderlust it is making it that much worse.

I am not very well traveled. Sure I have traveled some and I am starting to get pretty well traveled in the US, but I am not nearly as well traveled as I dream to be. This is something I am really hoping to change in my 30s.

That being said, this movie is making me want to go to Greece… quickly.

In this film you will see the beauty of Greece the plot doesn’t matter although it is a cute romantic comedy, it is all about the stunning back drop.

Plus not going to lie it makes me want to do a group tour, because this movie is how I vision tour groups.

So need a taste of Greece? look no further, this movie will certainly tickle your Greek fancy.

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