My Grand Entrance into Missouri

I am someone who every time I enter a state, I have to go to their welcome center. It is a must do for me.

Well for Missouri, it was MUST do.

Let me back up, I am a pretty healthy eater, 90% of the time, so when I decided to drink a milk shake and eat fast food in Oklahoma I should have known better, because it would later cause a mad dash to the Welcome Center.

me leaving the fast food place (who will remain nameless) happy…

I will spare all the details, because well they are personal, but needless to say this was NOT the way I wanted to enter the Show Me State.

2 miles felt like it was going to be forever… Seriously… We still had a mile? I am pretty sure I said that by this point I am glad I snagged this photo, because believe me I was not paying attention to the pretty cliff/rocks

and finally….

I made it in the nick of time, and overall I enjoyed the Welcome Center, and I again I was reminded why I do not eat fast food.

Overall the Welcome Center was colorful, interesting and friendly. The guy that helped me out was a doll.


afterwards, time for a classic Jen pose

Needless to say, in typical Jen fashion, this would not be the only “fiasco” I would encounter in Missouri, but the start of one long series of “unfortunate” events.

But to be honest… looking back on this weekend, I wouldn’t change a thing.

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