My Favorite Pictures from Guatemala

Pictures are my favorite souvenirs from travel.  I have finally sorted my photos from my trip and decided I will share my favorites with you.

Daily View 2

This photo is my favorite view from the coffee farm I visited. I felt the colors were very vibrant which is something that is not uncommon in Central America, plus every time I look at this photo  I realize I would love life that much more if I woke up to this view daily.

Daily Views 8

When I showed this picture to co-workers everyone was confused and wanted to know when I went to Hawaii. This is not Hawaii but yet another view I experienced daily while in Guatemala.  The area may be a poor farming community, but they may have the best views on earth.

Antigua Ruins 1

This was an unexpected picture I snagged. The sun was setting and I suppose the lighting was perfect. I walked by this daily while I was in Antigua, and I really hope some day I get to go back.

Guatemala 22

Ziplining in Guatemala was WAYYYYY different than when I ziplined in Honduras. For starters if you didn’t brake at the end you would hit a wall. So brake. In Honduras, they had emergency brakes. Either way this was beyond fun. Such A rush.

photo (3)

This photo is not edited. The sky is really this rich of a blue. Amazing.

photo (1)

This is what you see everywhere you walk in Antigua. Colorful rows of buildings. I think the reality is, I didn’t expect Antigua to be this unique.  This is why I love this photo.

Guatemala 58

I am not sure if it is volcano rich soil, or the fact that they do not pump food full of hormones. but the food was amazing in Guatemala. I existed on black beans, rice, veggies and fruit. These berries were some of the most tasty blackberries I have ever had, and I come from a family that has a farm full of bushes.

Ruins 32

Sadly the one thing I wanted to do when I went to Guatemala was see Tikal, I never made it. In fact, the only ruins I saw was Iximche. While I was exploring the ruins, a powerful thunderstorm was moving in, and it made the ruins experience that much more dramatic.

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