My Favorite Line Queue

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Today I am posting about my favorite line queue at the Walt Disney World Resort.

This is my day 4 feature of my favorite things about Disney

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Toy Story Mania, is quite possibly one of the most delightfully fun rides out there, it is a midway themed ride, that honestly is complete fun for the entire family. It is a 3D ride, that allows you to play midway games and compete with the person in your ride vehicle.

In fact, it has started a wonderfully delightful tradition, with someone who shall remain namless, that he refers to as JATSMAK (which stands for Jen’s Annual Toy Story Mania A** Kicking). I won the first time we played and well I have been destroyed each time since. As you can see by the following photos!


This is quite possibly one of the only rides I don’t mind waiting in line for as I find the queue flashes me back to my extremely awesome childhood. The queue features many “toys” that a lot of children grew up with. I know my brother and I did.

Not to mention when one of those Florida showers hits you, it is all completely inside.

clearly happy to be in line 🙂

Simply put, I love waiting in this line so much because it makes me think of the wonderful childhood I had, and well anything that sparks wonderful memories is a great thing, right?

Anyway, the line has paintings of the Toy Story Characters, replicas of fun toys like Tinker Toys, game pieces, cards and my personal favorite barrel of monkeys.

Also many childhood games are also featured along the line, such as Candy Land, Scrabble, Mouse Trap, Checkers and so much more.

Eventually, you will come up to Mr. Potato Head, who hosts and sings for you. This is probably the only annoying part, because I think he sings the same three songs over and over and over, and if you are in a very long line, it can get annoying quick, but I think it is part of the experience. Plus, I think the kids seem to like it, so hey if it keeps the kiddos entertained in a long line, even better!

The ride carts, feature the smaller characters of Toy Story, I was lucky enough to ride in “The Litte Green Aliens” cart, they are so cute, they make me smile everytime!

The best tip I can give, onece you enter this entrance start looking for the “Easter Eggs”, those are worth mega points! Oh, and have fun!

Anyway, enjoy the pictures from quite possibly the best line ever!

What is your favorite line to wait in?

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