My around the world saving fund take 2.

Last year at the beginning of the year I was motivated… I was going to spend the next 18 months saving every penny I could, work three jobs and come Summer of 2016… I was on my way to live in Guatemala.

I was so motivated, I decided it was time to get all my stuff checked out… dentist… doctor… eye doctor. Gotta be healthy on the road right?

So on January 26, 2015 I went to the eye doctor to get new glasses and found out I had cataracts and would need surgery.  Ok no biggie, I have insurance.  So I called my insurance… and found out only about 10% of the cost of the surgery was covered.  The surgery was NOT cheap. I was devastated. 

It was that instant that every single one of my travel dreams got postponed and I started getting into serious debt.   Here is the thing when you are 32 and have cataracts doctors worry you have something serious going on, so I had test after test ruling out anything and everything that could cause cataracts at such a young age.

Everything had been ruled out,  while I am grateful I do not have any serious medical conditions, I was not excited about the medical bills, because long story short they were substantial.

Cause here is the catch, while I work a full time job with “benefits”  I don’t exactly have the greatest health insurance.  I have talked about this numerous times on my blog about what happened in 2015, so I will not go into that again… but suffice it to say it was not my best year.

So thanks to having quite possibly the worst year of my life, I ended the year overdrawn by $187.  Yep it was so bad I ended the year in the negative vs actually having savings.  It really was the perfect ending to a crap year.

So at the start of the year I decided it was time to sit down, re-evaluate my living situation, finances and how I was going to be in a much better place by the end of 2016.   So I spent January and February reorganizing my debts, bills and determining how I was going to get out of debt.

While I have finally come up with my debt reduction plan and I will share that with you soon.   Saving for my around the world trip is also a priority. (I know financial people say that is bad, but I need the motivation)  I have decided that I am going to share my savings posts with you every few months, I wouldn’t expect 1000s saved every month (right now) but I personally love the RTW blogs that show this information and what they did exactly to get to their numbers.   I want to be one of those people.

I am going to start buying and flipping on ebay to boost savings because I really do make a lot of money doing that, I am sending a portion of every check to savings & I am also cutting my spending to the point that I live below my means not above them.  (Which is what honestly got me in trouble before)

So today I am telling you my starting balance of my savings account.
Next time I update you I will tell you how much I have & what I did to get there.

So the starting balance of my bank account is?


This money was mostly from regular paycheck deposits & my interest earned.  I didn’t really do anything extra for this amount. I did transfer the occasional eBay sale into the account,  but overall this is just my money saved.

So there you have it guys, Jen’s saving to travel the world… Take 2. I will update my savings with you in a few months.  I am curious to see what I can do this year with my finances. 🙂

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