My 90 day challenge:

When you decide to pursue a dream it can be very daunting.  It can seem very overwhelming 99.9% of the time.  Hell, there are days that I look at my life and think… yeah I am never making it to Thailand.   I can barely pay off a credit card.

Saving money and paying off debt is absolutely NO joke.  It is very discouraging and when you work with a bunch of 30 somethings that are often jetting off to Europe… while you are jetting off nowhere.  It is frustrating.    You have to remind yourself daily, that someday you will be drinking fresh pineapple juice in Bali while they will still be at the job you use to work at.  You will get there.   You really have to give yourself a DAILY pep talk.

Pep talks do not always work, though, which is why I have shared in the past, it is important to set mini goals, it is important to make sure you are challenging yourself to keep it interesting.

I am at the point of my debt pay down that I am starting to feel debt burnout, I am having moments thinking… I am never going to be able to sunbath in Madagascar or hike the alps.  I am currently struggling with a huge overwhelming task and getting discouraged and because of that, I am not near my savings goal.  I really thought I would have 3k saved by now, I am BARELY over 1k.   To say I am burned out and discouraged is an understatement.

When I start to feel like this, I realize well it is time to have a new challenge.  One that will inspire me to get back on task & hopefully make a little money to boost my savings.

I have talked extensively about selling your stuff to boost savings and I can assure you that I still have plenty of things I need to let go of.   I have 100s of items that will need to let go of eventually and honestly, I truly ONLY use a tenth of the items I own.   I have gotten better about buying items I need vs items I want, but I still have a lot of stuff I do not need.   I am still having some attachment to items for no other reason, than I spent money on them once.

I have a Dallas Cowboys wine holder, I have necklaces I never wear… I have about 10 pairs of shoes I have never worn… I have so much STUFF.  Stuff that I will have to get rid of eventually.   Heck, I think I even have a busted iPhone somewhere.   Disney glasses, a Tiffany’s cake holder… a Gucci wallet… Stuff I have just laying around but not once have I actually used it.  Stuff that at one time I thought “oh I need that” and never took it out of the box.

So here is what I am going to do.  I am challenging myself to sell/and or get rid of 90 items in the next 9o days.   On September 14th I will share with you what I have sold and what I got for it… if anything.   I will likely give some stuff away too, I know a few that are in need and giving is sometimes better than selling.

All the money I make from this will go to my RTW fund.  I think it will add a nice boost & give me some encouragement to get rid of stuff I don’t currently use & boost my savings.  Even if I only make a $1 an item, that is an extra $90.  $90 can get me a private room in Laos for 15 days.  Insane right?  I mean it is technically encouraging knowing I have enough money saved I could spend three months comfortably in Laos if I wanted.

So on September 14th, exactly 90 days from today I will share with you the 90 items I purged and the amount I made.

I am also planning on having a no spend challenge in August.  I failed miserably in May and I am really going to try again because it really was challenging and I did save some money from that.  I will do much better the second time around.

I have been reading countless blogs of people who sold all of their stuff and felt lighter, I am not at the point that I can sell every single thing I own but I am at a point I can let go of a ton of stuff I don’t use.  So maybe that will make me feel lighter.

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