Mr. Shi’s??? Yes please!

One of the most shameful things about me is I really don’t like eating.   In other words, I am one of the pickiest eaters you will every meet.

Food is great and don’t get me wrong I love dessert but I am incredibly picky when it comes to food.

So based on this knowledge, I knew China was going to be a challenge.   (sadly every where I travel is a challenge)

I didn’t eat much in China, well that was until I discovered Mr. Shi’s.   We had googled places to eat prior to arriving and Mr. Shi’s came up on a lot of lists.   Internet wasn’t really easy for us to obtain in China, but we managed to get on the internet once to perform the search.

Imagine our surprise when we learned that Mr. Shi’s was literally around the corner from the hotel.

We decided to give it a try and by this point I was so hungry I was willing to give anything a try.

We walked to the destination, with a very rough map.  It was a small hole in the wall right smack dab in the middle of the hutong.   We went inside and I have to admit the smell of fried dumplings was a welcomed smell.

I ordered pork and chive dumplings and anxiously awaited my food.

When it arrived… I took a bite and oh. my. god.  it was DELICIOUS.

So needless to say, I ate there every day and did not have another hungry day in Beijing again.

The End.


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