Movie Review: The Sense of an Ending

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Review: Haven’t heard of this film? Not surprised. Maybe you are a book reader and have read the novel? Most likely not. I took a chance with this film, having not seen one trailer or tv spot, just a couple of good reviews. And I just looked at the number or letter grades, not reading anything about the film. And you know what? It was a nice little experiment, because I enjoyed the film a little bit. The story, which is about an older man (Jim Broadbent of Half-Blood Prince fame) receiving a diary and note from a mother, of someone he dated when he was younger, in her will after her death. The diary though is being held by the girl he dated and he wants to know why so he tries to get in touch with her. Telling you anymore about this movie would spoil the tale but suffice to say it switches between flashbacks and present day to reveal what exactly is going on. The revelations the films gives are justified but I was a little disappointed there wasn’t a bit more that was going on. That being said, the way the story unfolds is truly engaging and I wasn’t for one minute bored with any of the film. Part of that is due to the acting. Everyone, from Broadbent, to Mortimer, to Dockery, to Rampling, is very very good. This film isn’t a masterpiece or fantastic by any means, but if you happen to come across it whenever it hits Netflix, you wouldn’t be wasting your time checking it out.

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