Movie Review: Raw

This review is by my movie review contributor Zach A.  You can like his facebook page for all things movie related

Review: Yeah…uh, I can’t think of one person other than my friend Kim that would tolerate this movie. This film has apparently made people throw up where one theater chain is offering barf bags before the movie start. Heck, we were offered barf bags at the Alamo today. But I didn’t see one person use them, because honestly I think the gross factor is overhyped. Either that or it just doesn’t effect me either way. If you haven’t heard of this film, it is a subtitled French horror film receiving rave reviews. It is about a young vegetarian girl starting at a vet school, meeting her older sister who is already going there. During their hazing week, she is forced to eat a tiny rabbit kidney, and from there, she gets a apatite for…well, she basically turns into a sexually frustrated cannibal. The movie is basically a mildly successful attempt at what The Neon Demon tried to be. Gross out art. And it mostly works. The acting is great, the story is disturbing, and the twists, yet predictable or interesting. Should you see this film if you are the faint of heart? No. Should you see this film if you are a vegetarian? Hell no. Should you see this film if you love animals? Hell fucking no. But if you like avant garde stuff like I do and don’t mind subtitles, check this out if you have time. It isn’t THE horror film of the year by any means. Go see Get Out if you want the it factor right now. But for something new and gross, it is a interesting one time piece of entertainment. Just don’t eat during it.

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