Movie Review: Me Before You


My Review: First I promise to keep this as spoiler free as possible that being said, I have no choice but to allude to a few things in order to put my thoughts out there. If you have read the book, my understanding is the book is followed overall pretty well and you will understand what I mean.

I broke my golden rule of reading a book before I see the movie, after seeing this movie I am about 100% positive I will not read the book, this story is just too damn emotional, and to be honest I am still not sure how I feel about the ending. I can totally understand why this movie is VERY controversial right now.

I went into this movie expecting everyone to ride off into the sunset and be happy and yes #LiveBOLDLY, which the film tag-lined. Depending on your perspective that may or may not have happened. I am not one that cries during movies, I have never been that way. I didn’t cry during this film, but during a particular scene I glanced around the movie theater to get the reaction and people were out of control. I get it, believe me, I get it. This book is hard, it challenges your perspective on life. It is a hard ending to watch.  I am not going to sugar coat it, the ending is not easy to watch.  

If you are prone to cry in movies, you need to prepare yourself.  

Personally, I thought the chemistry was very well developed and in a way it felt real to me.  We have all had that person in our live we have grown to love over time.  We may have even disliked that person at first but slowly over time, we begin to grow and understand them.   I couldn’t help but start to grow and love the characters myself.

This story had a lot of hilarious  moments that I found myself laughing hard, ridiculous situations that you can’t help but laugh because you have probably been there.

Overall this story is going to play with your emotions.  You will laugh, you may even cringe… and if you are a crier I can assure you.  YOU WILL CRY.   After you watch the movie… especially if you are like me and did not know what to expect you will find yourself questioning things.  You will google certain things… you will understand the controversy.  You will yet, you may find yourself liking the movie anyway.

Have you seen the movie?  Share your thoughts… Did you read the book?  Comment below.

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