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I need to put up this disclaimer before I start talking about this version of GHOST IN THE SHELL (2017) so fanboys don’t start yapping on here and start having a hissy fit. I have not seen the original 1995 animated version, so I don’t have anything to compare it to. That being said, this version was…okay. I’ll admit right now that I bet you my entire film collection that the anime version is much more vibrant, beautiful, fun, and exciting than this version. Sure, the visuals in this are great but sometimes animation/anime is better and should just stay that way and not be turned into a live-action film *coughnewbeautyandthebeastcough*. Do you know why all these animated and anime films are being turned into live action films? Because Hollywood has run out of fucking ideas. Not only that but they had to white wash this film with Scarlett Johannson because, let’s face it, Hollywood is scared to put an unknown Japanese actress in the lead role, even though she would probably do a hell of a lot better than Johannson did. Scarlett is okay in this but by no means is it a stellar performance. She read the script, read the lines, and did what she had to do. She was just over the minimum of not phoning it in. And all this is made weirder and more odd by the fact is that she is surrounded by mostly Japanese extras. *shrug* Unfortunately I don’t know what any of us could do to stop this from happening. Oh wait, we should probably all band together and not see this film, so it bombs at the box office so we can keep Akira, Cowboy Bepop, and Full Metal Alchemist away from greedy executive hands. But anyway, back to the film. The plot has been done many times before, however, since they are adapting it from a 1995 film I bet it felt fresher then, and neither film is to blame for that. But the first half is kind of boring, the film trying to rely on visuals to tell a story, and if we’ve learned anything from Michael Bay’s Bukake of Transformer films, is that visuals DO NOT tell a story all the time. The film finally picks up a little over halfway in, but the action is not memorable at all and there are no surprises in the story. The “enough entertainment before my eye lids shut pick me up” leaves just a small sweet taste that is not enough to get rid of the bitterness of what came before. The film tries to hard to feel like Blade Runner, when it should be it’s own thing. Blade Runner is Blade Runner, leave it be. I liked the idea of the film, it is just that the execution feels half assed and sloppy. The only thing this film made me want to do is go and watch the anime version. I bet that version is beautiful. So now, let me end this review so I can anxiously wait the 10 to 20 comments from anime enthusiasts, praising the original.

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