Mississippi Welcome Center

Recently I road tripped to Florida with my family, and once we made it to Mississippi it was time for a quick stop, so we of course stopped at the Mississippi Travel Center.


We didn’t stay long because we really needed to make it to Alabama before stopping, but needless to say this might have been one of the most beautiful Welcome Centers I have visited, and I have visited a lot of Welcome Centers.  This welcome center had a very old feel to it, and it made me feel like I was touring the country in the 20s.  (at least for a moment, plus I am pretty proud of how my photos came out!)

The backdrop  of the center is the Mississippi River and while it is not the prettiest river, it was pretty photogenic with the sunset



I wasn’t able to go inside and see what all Mississippi has to offer, but I did snap a few quick pics of the bridges & river.  This was needless to say a VERY quick stop, we had a lot of road to travel to be where we needed to be by the next day.

Needless to say I was in love and if I had time I could have spent some time here.MIS 9


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