Midnight Mistletoe by Kathleen Lee

Sexy man in santa cap relaxing in bed with fantastical winter background and red wrapped gifts in foreground

Summary: When Peter finds himself caught in a speed trap in the same small Wyoming town where he was once a foster child, six weeks of community service feels like an eternity. Until he runs across an old friend who seems more than happy to see him, and the attraction is instantaneous. But can the magic of Christmas and a love he’d never known be enough to make him think about giving up his wandering ways?
Through the years, Kevin found himself wondering about Peter and where he wound up when he was pulled from their community into yet another “home.” But when they reconnect again, he discovers that in all his travels, Peter never had a real home. As Kevin’s feelings deepen, he knows the one thing he needs to do to keep Peter is show him that true happiness boils down to opening yourself to love. And a little mistletoe doesn’t hurt either.

My Review:  This is a m/m contemporary romance short story set in Wyoming.  I really enjoyed the story and it gave me a little Christmas in May.  I loved how Kevin & Peter played off each other and that they had a great dynamic.

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