Meeting Lucy Hale

I have met a lot of celebs, I am a huge nerd that often goes to conventions and well one of the perks of these conventions is meeting famous peeps.   I decided I would start sharing some of these experiences because they are fun and life is all about having fun moments. 🙂

I am cheap though and did not want to pay for the jpeg… why in the world would I pay $10 extra bucks for a damn jpeg???  So you get a photo of my photo on my nightstand… so go ahead judge my cheap ass.  I am positive I used that $10 bucks for something awesome… I think.

First a confession, I love Pretty Little Liars. It is my true guilty pleasure and I may or may not have wrote on message boards about who I thought “A” was…talked back and forth with the producer, probably tweeted her in a stalker way… I mean yes I love pretty little liars… so if you are already judging me for being cheap, well you can keep judging me. I am 34 years old and I love Pretty Little Liars. There now that cat is out of the bag.

I was pretty excited about meeting her, so when it came time for my photo opp I lined up and I realized I was surrounded by 12 year olds. I really wish I could say I am kidding but I am not. So I am not sure what that says about me, but I still stood in that line proudly cause I was about to meet my favorite lil liar.

I got her autograph shortly after, but she was super sweet and smiled when I told her she was my favorite liar. She was super sweet and she has some serious fashion skills. I freaking loved the leather skirt she had on. She is just as fashionable as her character.

Who is your favorite liar? Have you met Lucy Hale?

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