Maverick Touch The Adventure by Ashley Nemer


Set in: Africa (unspecified country)
Summary: The Mavericks pack up for another whirlwind adventure. This time in Africa! What they thought would be a fun and laid back vacation turns quickly into a lifesaving and ceremonial disaster as their world literally begins to shake under their feet.

Anabella and Carter begin to get cozy as their relationship deepens in the African wilderness. Carter has a serious question to ask Ana … who wants nothing to do with that notion.

Nadia and Carlisle learn a little bit more about each other during their one on one time theorizing what it would be like for Nadia to take a life.

Nothing is ever simple for these two couples. Topped with a new player coming into the mix.

How will Mr. T affect Mr. A and Mr. J and will Mr. T stick around long enough for Nadia to sink her teeth into the story behind this member of the brotherhood?

The Adventure of a lifetime is awaiting the Mavericks. Join them on the craziest trip you’ll ever experience through the most mysterious continent in the world.

First as I always feel is important to my readers, I am emotionally invested in this author and book.  This author is my best friend, and when you read your best friend’s book, it is like an extra insight into your friend.  So I read everything Ashley puts out, because well I love her.

That being said and now that I am done being all mushy, I f’ing loved this book.  It has been a very beautiful thing seeing her grow as an author and this is without a doubt the best she has done by far.   I found myself laughing out loud at work while I was reading it, I had moments where I thought “oh no she did not!” (it is a perk being an author’s friend I can send her hate mail, and still be loved)

I am so happy with the journey the characters have taken.  I am very emotionally invested in Mr. A but let me just say Carter is starting to steal my heart we get SOOOO much back story about him in this book.  Back story I was not privvy to before reading this book.

I loved every single moment of this book, and I can’t wait for the next book to come out.  Cause let’s face it with these characters you never know what type of crazy will occur and I love that.

Disclaimer: I did receive a copy of the book from the author in exchange for an honest review, as always the opinions are my own. 

2 thoughts on “Maverick Touch The Adventure by Ashley Nemer”

  1. Thank you Jen! This was a great review and I am so glad you loved the book! I am more glad you can see my growth as a writer and you always can be objective when reading my works!

    Luv ya Chica!

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