Making Hay by Pamela Morsi


Set in: Arkansas
Summary: At last Lessy and Vass are officially engaged. So why does it feel like maybe something is missing? Can a handsome rounder on the haying crew and a very indiscreet little song make of muddle of her upcoming marriage?

This novella is as warm and welcoming as a haystack.

Originally published in the Summer Magic anthology by various authors, (July 1, 1993).

I am not someone that will often seek out historical romance but as I am trying to read a book set in each state, I found this one while looking for a book set in Arkansas. I really enjoyed this novella. I found the story charming and somewhat real especially since I know couples that are very much like these two.

I have never read Morsi in the past but I will continue reading her in the future, overall this is a great, fast summer read that has a bit a steam for these hot summer nights we are experiencing

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