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This past weekend I went to the Apple store with my mother, I agreed to go with her because next to the Apple store is a LUSH cosmetics.  Now those of you that are not aware of LUSH cosmetics, you should be.  They are a cruelty free company that offer a lot of vegan products.  The products are handmade and they are AMAZING.

My newest focus currently is finding and switching to cruelty free products, I will spare the animal activist spill today, but for me it is a huge focus.  My goal in 2016 is  to live a 100% vegan lifestyle and because of that I will share fun products with you.  I am also really trying to find new ways to escape your cubicle on a budget, and who doesn’t like having a beauty day??? It really beats sitting in the cubicle. 


OK I digress, after hanging with mom I went to LUSH to find bath bombs, a face mask & some steamer tabs.

First a major shout out to the Shops at Willowbend LUSH employees, your customer service ROCKS! I should have snagged the girls name that helped me but she was amazing and helped me discover…

The Cranberry Mask 


Sadly this mask is seasonal (boo!). Why is this sad, because it is AMAZING.  Amazing, since I started the mask I have been asked three times what products am I using because my skin looks bright and dewy (score for me, this is a bonus because I rarely wear makeup to work!).

My silly face with the mask on :)
My silly face with the mask on 🙂

The mask is easy to use, smells amazing & great for my skin type which is pretty normal these days.

You have to keep the mask refrigerated because it is made from natural ingredients  & after using five masks you get a free one just bring the cleaned containers back.  They also have really cool pictures of the person that made the particular mask you are using. (AWESOME) I am a fan of the packaging.


LUSH does not test their finished products on animals and they are a huge advocate for eliminating animal testing.  They choose natural ingredients over artificial ones when able and they are overall a great & groovy company that you really must try.  I love when I am able to go to lush and I really wish there was one closer to Rockwall!

I think they are also very reasonably priced and I can use their face masks vs going to get a facial which means more money for traveling in the near future.  Win win in my book!  Huge win that it is affordable with such great results!

Note: I could only find the product on their UK site, however it is available in the US (at least in Dallas)

Stay tuned for my reviews on products & other craziness. 🙂


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