LSAT Confessions Part 1

So about a year ago I decided I wanted to pursue law.  Now before you go where the hell did that come from, I need to stress this is not really a new concept for me as I have also most taken the LSAT a few times in the past decade but for whatever reason decided against it and kept on trucking with my life.   I have always contemplated being a lawyer since high school.  It has been an idea that I have toyed with for quite some time, lately the idea of going to law school has been a tough decision because well I turn 35 and I have officially been out of college 10 years TODAY.  Isn’t that insane???? Who in their right mind would go to law school after being out of college that long.

When I decided that it was time to actually start pursuing things I always talked about the first thing I knew I would have to tackle was the dreaded LSAT….

And let me tell you taking the LSAT when you are a decade removed from college is hard, like really hard.  In fact, I have gotten discouraged so many times I said F it and would stop trying to get a better score… but I always come back to it, because deep down I know I am just being a baby.  It isn’t supposed to be easy, things do not come easy in life.  Would it have been a hell of a lot easier taking that damn test a few weeks after I graduated?? hell yeah, but that is not the path I choose.

Plus not gonna lie… it is gonna be hard as hell to jetset… if I am having to study for school.

Anyway, I am going to register for the LSAT in September and I have decided I would share the good the bad and the ugly with you.   I am not trying to get into Harvard or anything like that although that would be cool as hell… ha!

After my researching my local Dallas law schools I think I could be competitive if I score at least a 162… which I do think is doable… if I get off my lazy butt and actually study.

Life is always about adventure and it is time I partake in my newest adventure… Conquering that damn LSAT.

September LSAT… I am coming for you.

Those of you that have taken the LSAT share your advice below… I am all ears and open to any tips.

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