Look your BEST after a Long Haul Flight!

I love arriving at a new destination, in fact it is truly my heroin and I rarely have jet lag because of the excitement and adrenalin.  I especially love when I arrive at a destination selfie ready (vanity much?)  I am someone that takes way more photos than I am sure is necessary and because of this I have learned quite a few tips to make sure I look my best when I arrive, and one of the best tips I have learned is pre flight care and the power of moisturizer. (Yes even if you have oily skin!)

I also like to look and feel my best because when I arrive somewhere I am ready to jump into the new location and start exploring I do not want to deal with jet lag.

So without further ado here are my tips for looking your best when you arrive:

before you fly, hydrate hydrate hydrate!!!!!

Before I even leave I avoid alcohol and start drinking plenty of water. I also load up on hydrating fruits and veggies. Out of all the tips I offer this is by far the best simply because hydration is so important especially on long haul flights. I am not the best when it comes to food but about 3 weeks before I leave I always focus on eating whole grains, lots of veggies and fruits and I drink at least a gallon of water a day to flush out anything that might cause me to bloat or feel bad. By time I leave I always feel pretty good! I also try to exercise key word is try…

Minimal makeup

I am firm believer that less is more and honestly when I am leaving to go to my destination I will likely not wear ANY makeup especially on long haul flights.    If you want to wear makeup, probably a tinted moisturizer, a tinted lip balm and mascara.    Personally I will apply these items right before landing.   I would also highly recommend using a hydrating face wash and moisturizer before getting on the plane.   Moisturizing is truly key on long haul flights.

Wear comfortable clothing and be comfortable

I think the worst thing you can do is be uncomfortable.  I typically wear cozy leggings, a t-shirt and a cardigan of some sort.  I also always pack socks to keep my feet warm.    I also always bring a sleep mask.  It blocks out the light and nothing says “don’t bother me” than a sleep mask.   I am also one of the lucky ones that can sleep just about anywhere so that does help.   I am also famous for braiding my hair into two pigtail braids just before take off and will leave it that way until right before landing.   If my hair is on the dry side I might rub a leave in conditioner on the ends of my braids.

Drink water

Ha! As if I didn’t stress hydration enough already.  Keep drinking water on the plane.  I will sometimes indulge in a glass of wine or two on a flight, but I drink a lot more water.    Yes it might make me have to run to the restroom but the worst thing is feeling dehydrated especially on a plane.

Reapply lip balm

I know I am one that gets cracked lips easily especially in places where there is not much moisture in the air.  Also use eye drops if you have dry eyes.

Spray your face with a hydrating facial spray

I admit I didn’t use this one until my last long flight and it truly works.  There is a reason why this tip is one of the most common tips you will read.      It is often recommended to spray a couple of times before landing.

Freshen up! 

I always brush my teeth and reapply deodorant before landing.   I have a basic pre-landing routine where I will often use a hydrating facial wipe to freshen up apply a bit of moisturizer, brush my teeth and then reapply deodorant about a hour before we land.    It gives me a feeling of freshness and wakes me up a bit before landing.

Apply Minimal Makeup right before landing

As  I am always ready to hit the ground running and explore I do a little pre landing prep.  I will typically apply a hydrating tinted moisturizer, a bit of highlighting concealing on any area that might look puffy, minimal eye makeup, mascara and a tinted lip balm.   I then unbraid my hair, give it a finger comb to give that wavy beach look.  Voila just enough effort for that “made it to the airport” selfie I send out (vain remember?)

So there you have it a few tips for those long haul flights!  What are your favorite tips to share?




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