Living with the Land

Sustainable living is one of the greatest challenges of mankind. Overall I think vast improvements have occured, however we still have room to improve.

It is often said that the grain produced in America can feed the world three times over, so why doesn’t it?

Well I don’t know, exactly, I have my own personal theories and I am sure there are so many factors that come into play, I don’t want to debate them here, but it is something to thinks about.

Which I often find myself doing on The Living with the Land, ride at Epcot.

Yes I know another Disney post, but you should be happy to know I only have 3-4 Disney related posts planned for the rest of the year…


One of the things I love about Disney, and believe me there are a lot of things I love about Disney. Is how unbelievably educational Epcot is, it really does make learning fun.

This is a 14 minute ride that showcases agricultural advances in the rain forest, Africa and well beyond.

Which is why I am featuring during Green Week.

According to Wikipedia and other Disney sources, there are 5 distinct areas that are:

the Tropics Greenhouse– this section features crops from tropical areas of the world.

Aquacell– this features the aquaculture also known as fish farming


Temperate Greenhouse– this section features crops from temperate climates

String Greenhouse– This greenhouse focuses on innovated techniques, which Wikipedia says and I quote “This greenhouse focuses on innovative high-density techniques, such as Nutrient film technique. It also shows off “vertical growing techniques”, in which plants are grown on specialized trellises which cause the herbaceous plants to approximate the shape and structure of trees.”

Very technical stuff which in my mind equals expensive.

Creative Greenhouse– this area shows some of the more unusual ideas about the future of agriculture.

There is also a living laboratory that includes the biotechnology lab and in the integrated pest management lab.

My mind is made up that the next time I go to Disney I will take part in the “behind the seeds” tour to get more of a back story about the ride, as I feel there is so much to learn and can still learn from this ride.

Here are some additional pictures from the ride, sorry about the quality but these were taken with my horrible camera that I no longer use 😉

the gator you see before going into the “land”

Anyway thanks for reading

until next time



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